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Tivity Health Launches A Meal Delivery Program for Older Adults

Tivity Health is going to launch a meal delivery program for older adults. This program is specially designed by nutritionists. And will offer prepared meals to meet the dietary requirements of older adults.

Wisely Well program

Tivity Health is one of the leading providers of fitness, nutrition, and social engagement solutions. It has aimed to introduce Wisely Well Nutrition Solutions in 2020. That will support individuals and caregivers looking for meal convenience.

Additionally, it will also support those individuals who are recovering after a hospitalization, living with chronic ailments, or experiencing food insecurity. Wisely Well will be provided directly to consumers and by using health plans.

Initially, Wisely Well will provide 25 pre-packaged meal choices. That are made with the top quality ingredients and frozen at the peak of freshness to retain their flavor and nutrients. These choices include meals that are specially planned for those with CVDs and diabetes.

Tivity Health’s acquisition of Nutrisystem has resulted in this brand. It combines decades of food distribution and development experience with Tivity Health’s expertise offering products that support overall health and well-being.

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Donato Tramuto is the Chief Executive Officer at Tivity Health. According to him, Tivity Health has acquired Nutrisystem to expand its ability to deal with the social determinants of health, such as access to healthy food. Both, chronic illness and hospital readmission, are significant drivers of higher healthcare costs.

Tivity Health is delighted for being able to bring Wisely Well to market quickly. That will meet the requirements of individuals for whom a few healthy and complete meals per day can significantly improve their health.

Besides being directly available to consumers, Wisely Well will also be offered to eligible members through health plan partners for supporting patients who are chronically ill or at risk of readmission to the hospital.

Support nutrition requirements of seniors

Nearly $26 billion are spent annually as hospital readmissions costs. Whereas, nearly $17 billion are used up for avoidable hospital trips after discharge. Evidence supports that using food as medicine is an effective tool to decrease 30-day readmission rates.

By using Wisely Well, meals can be arranged through discharge planning or care management teams that coordinate with the patients’ health plan. Health plan members who want to continue receiving the meals can shift to a direct pay relationship with special promotional pricing.

All Wisely Well meals are planned to support the nutrition requirements of seniors, with flexible program choices that can also address food insecurity in the older adult population.

According to Joe Coughlin, Ph.D., Director and Founder, MIT AgeLab, demographics are shifting rapidly. Almost 11,000 individuals are turning 65 per day and Americans are living a longer life. And thus demanding new and innovative products to support not only seniors but also their caregivers.

Coughlin said that at the AgeLab they are exploring the kinds of services required by older adults along with their caregivers and families to enable them to age in place. Convenient access to healthy meals and proper nutrition is essential, especially for those who are chronically ill or maybe recovering from a recent hospitalization.



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