Jim Cramer Collaborates with American Migraine Foundation to Raise Migraine Awareness

Jim Cramer, a host from CNBC’s famous Mad Money, is now a part of the American Migraine Foundation (AMF) as a new spokesperson. The Foundation has announced that Mr. Cramer will be an influential figure in its mission to initiate new research and providing awareness and educational facilities for those affected by migraines.

According to Mr. Cramer, AMF is an outstanding organization. That has committed to providing education and resources to those having migraines, helping them to fight against the disease.

There is a large number of migraine patients suffering from excruciating pain and looking for treatment. Mr. Cramer is only one out of the 37 million migraine victims in America. Since October 2016, he would have a migraine attack almost every day, impairing him and affecting every aspect of his life.

Cramer states that his life developed a miserable rhythm. Headache is nothing like migraine, and unless one has experienced migraines, he can not relate to how it feels like. Even though consulting the country’s top physicians, it took so many years but finally, Cramer was diagnosed with migraines.

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At last, he met a neurologist specializing in headache treatment. And after years of looking for a correct medical diagnosis, he started following a new plan that eventually helped him to see a huge difference in the occurrence of these migraine attacks.

Lawrence Newman, FAHS, MD, Vice-Chair of organization and professor of neurology at NYU Langone Health says that he has seen many people like Mr. Cramer who was into finding a treatment for years but still not being able to find it.

Among the American Migraine Foundation goals, one is to promote and allow patients to find support for their medical issues so that can get help in a way of appropriate health care professional.

Advocacy of migraine starts with basic awareness. Next, AMF provides specific tools and resources, which help all migraine sufferers to contact with a specialist doctor and medical facilities to know about their disease and its treatment.

Moreover, it also provides an access to resources that empower patients to advocate for themselves. The organization currently developing an online support group where all of these members connect with each other, share their cases and help each other as an active community.

David Dodick, MD, FAHS, Chairperson of AMF says that knowledge and awareness are the organization’s desired tools and their mission is to make sure that this awareness isis available for maximum patients, health caregivers, and members of the public as possible.

Globally, migraine is the third most common disease that affects a large number of people. Also, it is top causes of disability. Regardless of these public health effects, migraine doesn’t get sufficient research funding in comparison to other major diseases. This reason somehow affects the inequality alters migraine’s patient care system.

Through this whole diagnosis and treatment experience, Mr. Cramer apprehends that the public doesn’t know about this condition and the possible treatment options. So now, by working in collaboration with the Foundation, his objective is to draw more attention to migraine. This would help future patients to get timely diagnosis and treatment.

According to Nim Lalvani, Executive Director of AMF, Foundation aims to build a patient community that collectively can stop the stigma attached with migraines. Further, he says that the Foundation is honored to have Mr. Cramer to be their a spokesperson to speak for the millions of people suffering with migraine.

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