Medek healthcare system launch free online doctor visit in the hour of need

A report was published today in Mount Dora, that explains the free online visits to the doctors in the hour of need. For Medek online doctor visits American Express card is used for the payment, and free telemediation will be given to the patients when needed.

Many important visits are missed every year because of the main issue that is a lack of access to the healthcare system. The US Department of disease prevention and healthcare promotion describes the factors that provide hindrance in treating the Americans. Medek healthcare system trying to solve this misery by bringing the private, on-demand healthcare to the people and through small businesses around the United States.

The online app is available for the iOS and Android versions. If not feeling well then open the app, describes the symptoms, select your pharmacy, and within the 30 mins you will get the treatment and diagnosis by the Medrek provides over the phone or video call visit. They Answer the questions when needed and medically necessary, prescribed the medicine from your chosen pharmacy. The service is available daily for 24 hours in all the states without any insurance.

According to Stan Van Meter, the CEO of the Medek health systems that the number one issue as a lack of access has been solved in this great way. It also reduces the cost, time and distance for the patients. Medrek in collaborating with a united way to carry out more improvements in the health care system to assist the Americans well.

At the beginning of November 2019, the membership or visits will be given in the hour of need, when Medrek member pay for the visit with the American Express Card. The memberships will be distributed by the United Way of Lake and Sumter counties among the community to solve the challenges

According to Dr. ALAN HOLDEN, the CEO of the United Way OF Lake and Sumter Counties that by providing the solution for telemedicine, we will advance the mission to the united way community. The real need to bring the change and take the challenges of the community is to tackle not only the symptoms but also the source of community. It will help us to bring a healthy, safe and improved community with a better-skilled force that contributes to the economy

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Wellness of Americans is affected through long wait, busy schedules and high cost. But Medrek is now able to solve this problem by providing the easy excess to the online visits to doctors through a phone call or app. This will save people from the long wait and long-distance appointments. Medrek can give free memberships for one year to the small business having less than 50 employees.

United Way solves the problems related to the health, financial stability and education of every individual in the community. It is the largest privately-funded organization in the world with no profit. Engaging 1800 communities in more than 40 countries across the world. For more info go to twitter @UnitedWay.

Medek healthcare systems provide an online way to get access to the physicians and other professionals related to health who can give a prescription to the patients when it is a need or necessary with permission of state law. For further information click here.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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