Ascensia Diabetes Care is Launching a Family Focused Campaign On World Diabetes Day 2019


Ascension Diabetes Care is the global diabetes care company that carried out a movement for celebrating World Diabetes Day 2019. The focus of this day is to highlight the importance of family support to diabetic patients. The report was published today in BASEL, Switzerland.

International Diabetes Federation selects the main theme for the world diabetes day 2019 is the “Protection of Family.” For this purpose, 24 videos were published by Ascensia. The videos contain the personal stories of different people with diabetes how their families support them.

The stories were cast in 22 different countries which give a broader vision to the people with diabetes that how their families support them with each coming day to come up with diabetes. Through sharing the videos of this type, the goal is to define the role of families in the management and care of diabetes. Click here, to access the videos; these videos will be posted on social media channels soon.

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After having great success in 2018 the theme of the world diabetes day “The Family and Diabetes” is repeated in 2019. This year Ascensia interviewed many people with diabetes from all over the world and allow them to share their stories about how their families give physical and emotional support to manage diabetes along with daily routine tasks, jobs, food, medication, and exercise. The campaign featured 24 families having inspirational and motivational stories about the management of diabetes.

According to Michael Kloss, the CEO at the Ascensia Diabetes Care “there is a crucial role of the families in controlling and preventing diabetes. This can be done by offering a healthy lifestyle. healthy eating, proper exercise. The families will help in the early detection of diabetes and prevent them from further complication by managing and monitoring blood glucose at a normal level.”

By repeating the theme this year at world diabetes day, we mainly focus on the real importance of the families support diabetes in managing and preventing the condition to save it from further loss.

He added his words that to empower the diabetic people it is important to take the burden of diabetes by each family member, not only by the person who suffers. These videos will help to raise awareness about diabetes and its prevention at the global level.

The Ascensia campaign is trying to imitate the success level of the last year of the world’s diabetes day. 38 online digital artworks were published on social media in 2018. This will give the right path and inspiration to manage diabetes around the world. 7 million people joined the campaign across the world.

Content published in 24 different languages and shared with 30 countries. For viewing the last year’s campaign, click here.

Support to the world diabetes day 2019 and highlight the importance of family care in diabetes management by visiting the page of Ascensia Diabetes Care at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.



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