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ADA Cooperates with VSP Vision Care to Prevent Vision Loss from Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is going to team up with VSP Vision Care to work on the issue of the diabetic eye. It is a complication of diabetes that is presented in the advanced stage of the disease. Most of the time diabetic eye is overlooked, hence leading to a devastating outcome.

Diabetic eye – a devastating condition

VSP Vision Care, a VSP Global company is the leading and national vision-benefits provider. That assists almost 90 million members without any desire for profit. VSP Vision Care in collaboration with ADA is going to take a new initiative that will highlight the importance of annual comprehensive eye exams.

These exams play a crucial role in the prevention, early detection, and intervention of diabetes-related eye diseases or vision loss. According to the American Diabetes Association’s CEO, Tracey D. Brown, diabetic eye affects more than one-third of the individuals with diabetes aged over 40.

However, luckily, early diagnosis and treatment can help in effective management and prevention of this disease. And the ADA is determined to make this possible with the help of VSP.

Currently, almost 30 million adults in America are suffering from diabetes. Whereas an additional 84 million adults have prediabetes, but 90 percent of them have no idea about their condition.

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Moreover, on a long-term basis, the individuals living with prediabetes or diabetes are at a greater risk of cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and diabetic macular edema. Among these diabetes-related eye diseases, diabetic retinopathy is the major cause behind blindness in adults of working age.

There is a continuous and rapid increase in the cost of diabetes care. That not only affects individuals and society but also cause an economic burden on healthcare facilities. In the United States, approximately 139 billion dollars are spent on only vision-related disorders.

An annual eye exam to prevent or delay disease progression

Annual eye exam plays a crucial role for people living with diabetes. It acts as a simple method to delay or prevent diabetic eye and vision loss associated with the disease.

This new health initiative by VSP Vision Care and ADA will be multi-faceted, encountering all the individuals who are at risk or are currently suffering from the diabetic eye.

The collaborative efforts will increase awareness and offer actions for people at risk of diabetic eye disease and support and educate those affected by it. Moreover, it will also educate healthcare providers regarding diabetes-related eye disease and the ways for its prevention.

According to Michael Guyette, the VSP Global’s CEO and President, millions of Americans are affected by the diabetes epidemic that further burdens the healthcare system exploring for answers.

Delayed diagnosis is one of the major problems linked to diabetes. So, Guyette’s team along with the American Diabetes Association is dedicated to enhancing awareness about the role of optometrist as an approachable part of the healthcare team. That will offer a way for early detection and management of diabetes-related eye disease.

This new program will launch in 2020 as a component of the Overcoming Therapeutic Inertia campaign by ADA. That will promote care, early detection, treatment, and management to improve the lives of diabetes patients and their caregivers.


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