General Assembly of Illinois lowers the prescription prices of insulin through legislative, executive and regulatory actions at federal and state level

The pleas of Illinois residents are not able to afford the soaring costs of medication for their treatment. The general assembly of Illinois responded to the residents by approving the legislation this week supported by the bipartisan which reduces the cost of insulin for people. The report was published in SPRINGFIELD on 15 Nov 2019.

On October 29 the Illinois Senate passed SB 667 by voted 48-7-0 and approval of message with a decisive vote of 100-13-1 by House members.

To resolve the issue of heavy cost and burdens of medication for the older adults and families, AARP Illinois commends Governor JB Pritzker Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill) and Representative Will Guzzardi to take the leadership on behave of its 1.7 million members.

According to the director of Illinois State, Bob Gallo, the high cost of medications forced the residents of Illinois to scale back their expenditures including the necessities of food and housing. Senate Bill 667 legislation can lighten the burden of high prices of medication for the residents of Illinois.

The new legislation includes the following

1:  by considering the patient’s burden of prescription costs control the price of insulin to $100 for 30 days’ supply.

2:  State regulates the commercial insurance plan for their application.

3:  Requires the support of the department of insurance collaborated with the department of human services and department of healthcare and family services and public policy recommendations to control the high price of insulin.

The senator Manar give special thanks to the advocates and the individuals who stand against this and shared their efforts, and according to the lines of the General Assembly that the state will not permit pharmaceutical companies to increase the prices of insulin for saving the life of people with diabetes in Illinois.

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The house and senate give proof through voting that by taking the strict actions, we can prohibit the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies and PBMs for building the high profit regarding the medications especially insulin for giving relief to the ordinary residents of Illinois.

Today A bill pass about a campaign “Stop Rx Greed” at the national level that is the victory of AARP. The goal of this campaign is to lower the prescription prices of the drugs for the Illinois residents and all Americans through actions regulatory bodies at the federal and state level.

AARP PUBLIC institute research demonstrates that the cost of prescription drugs increases to 57.6% between the year 2012 to 2017 much high as compare to the annual income of Illinois which increases to 10.5%. The soaring cost of medications stopped the Illinois residents from taking the prescription.

In 2020 AARP Illinois collaborated with members of congress, members of the General Assembly and Governor Pritzker to lower the prices of the prescription by finding the appropriate ways through the actions of legislative, regulatory and executive bodies at federal and state levels.

To learn more about Stop Rx Greed click here.

AARP is a nonpartisan, nonprofit ad nationwide organization having nearly 38 million members. It empowers the people of age 50 or more than this about their living conditions and their medications. Also strengthen the communities and families for health security, personal fulfillment, and financial stability. AARP also has the nation’s largest magazines for the publications AARP the magazine and AARP Bulletin. For more info visit its website.



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