Users of Continuous Glucose Monitors Can Now Precisely Predict Their Blood Sugar Levels

One Drop has declared the development of a model to precisely predict blood sugar levels of CGM (continuous glucose monitors) users. It has made this announcement in the previous week at the Diabetes Technology Meeting.

One Drop is a leading industry in providing digital therapeutics solutions for chronic diseases like Diabetes. And its new model is the latest breakthrough that uses artificial intelligence to improve self-care for diabetes patients.

Moreover, using Al, One Drop mobile app also provides 8-hour blood glucose forecasts for patients with diabetes type 2.

According to a recent study, in the majority of the diabetes patients, blood sugar levels predicted via this new model were falling within 20% of the values shown by CGM. One Drop’s model can predict BGLs up to 120 minutes in advance.

Hence, it may help patients with diabetes type 1 and type 2 in making informed decisions related to foods they need to take. Moreover, it can also guide patients about the insulin requirement and the extent to which they need to be physically active.

Jeff Dachis, CEO and Founder of One Drop said that none of the diabetes patients want a sudden rise or drop in blood sugar levels. Both of these conditions can lead to dangerous situations. But knowing about the BGLs almost 2 hours in advance can allow CGM users to make right and on-time choices.

That will ultimately help them in avoiding problems even before they occur. One Drop’s predictive model depicts huge progress in empowering people with the knowledge required for better health control.

This unique approach by One Drop combines AI-powered knowledge with personalized coaching to provide efficient and affordable care to the maximum individuals possible.

Health-related data obtained from more than 1.5 million users of One Drop has allowed Proprietary machine learning to give actionable advice that forms a link between behavior and outcomes, promoting long-lasting change in behavior and allowing easier decision making.

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One Drop has made contributions in providing solutions to many chronic diseases. Even the first-ever digital diabetes education program acknowledged by the American Diabetes Association was offered by this industry.

In addition to diabetes, One Drop also presents programs for hypertension (high blood pressure), pre-diabetes, weight management, and hypercholesteremia (high cholesterol levels).

The program provides each patient with access to a devoted personal health coach and personalized educational content. That will ultimately help them to effectively manage their illnesses.

At the start of this year, One Drop started providing the service of 8-hour blood glucose forecasts to the diabetes type 2 patients using One Drop mobile app. Additionally, each forecast made by this app is also combined with a piece of behavioral advice that will help in keeping BGLs within the required range.

Also, this app offers a Personal Health Assistant, which is an easy-to-use digital tool to monitor food, medication, weight, physical activity, blood pressure, blood glucose, and other health markers.

One Drop is the only industry that provides diabetes type 2 patients with blood glucose forecasts. And over 20 peer-reviewed studies have recognized its efficacy, showing that diabetes patients using One Drop can lower their A1c levels (average blood glucose levels) in nearly one month.



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