Mardell Hill’s Book Provides Simple Tips to Improve Intestinal Health

Mardell Hill, a certified colon specialist, provides some simple tips to get complete abdominal comfort and improve intestinal health. She has mentioned these simple instructions in her book, published by Rowman & Littlefield, named “Intestinal Health – A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Comfort”.

According to an estimation, over 74 percent of the people living in America are experiencing a digestive disorder. A continuous increase in individuals suffering from this disorder has resulted in a figure that is twice the number of people suffering from diabetes.

In her book, Mardell Hill has offered the tools that will help in improving intestinal comfort, thus supporting a healthy digestive system. According to the hill, the growing epidemic of digestive disorders has led to a greater need for teaching solutions and options for living a healthy life.

In her book, Hill has answered the most frequently asked questions and provided the individuals suffering from digestive disorders with simple, effective, safe, and natural solutions to resolve or prevent their problem.

And in this way, she has paved a way to promote self-care and digestive health in these patients. Hill has used simple and clear language in her book to allow a better understanding of the individuals. That may help them to understand the digestion process and the difficulties associated with it.

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Additionally, she also provides people with some sound suggestions to help them feel and live in a better and energetic way. Happy tummies may also lead to happy individuals.

The book divides intestinal health into three segments that include nutrition, digestive basic, and cleansing. Tips about the neutralization of Candidiasis (mostly known as Candida) – a fungal infection, has also been offered in this book.

Hill has also studied many other possible difficulties. She has offered a seven-day healthy menu containing recipes along with a nutritional program comprising of three steps. The latter one includes tips like drinking at least 65 – 80 ounces of filtered water and eating a lot of apples per day.

Additionally, the book also provides analogies and illustrations to make it simple and easy to understand the entire digestive process.

Hill’s book “Intestinal Health – A Practical Guide to Complete Abdominal Health” has been nominated for the “Best Book Awards” in 2018 in the American Book Fest. This book helps anyone with a digestive disorder in reducing their discomfort via self-recovery.

Reducing symptoms can also cause a reduction in costs. Hill’s book can teach people of all ages regarding the digestive system and offer simple and easy self-care methods using natural solutions to get daily relief from many causes of intestine-related illnesses.

According to Debbie, Amazon reviewer, Mardell Hill has reduced the complexity associated with digestive disorders. Also, in her book, she has broken down the science related to the development of a healthy gut in an enjoyable and straightforward manner.

Her step-by-step technique provides support and guidance to anyone looking for better health. Whereas, the book’s checklist offers everyone an amazing chart that helps whenever a person is having an inflammatory flare-up, or feeling fatigue, or stomach discomfort. The book never fails in finding the ways that are required to go back on track.


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