The First-Ever Revolutionary Reality Show About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers have announced the launch of a revolutionary reality show to promote awareness about cancer. This reality TV series – Eight Days, includes the experiences of five cancer patients regarding their journey related to the use of some effective alternative treatment options.

Eight Days, the first-ever reality TV show about this subject, is going to be launched on January 4, 2020, on the FYI network. It will give viewers a chance to have an understanding of new and reliable alternative cancer treatments.

Moreover, it will also provide them with an inside look at how it feels to be healed from cancer. Eight Days by Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers examines the life experiences of five individuals dealing with different cancer stages and the experts responsible for advising them on their journey to recover from cancer.

In this journey, experts not only provide guidance related to spiritual, emotional, and physical healing but also tells about the ways to cure the root cause of cancer rather than the symptoms. Chief Medical Officer and Founder of Hope4Cancer, Dr. Antonio Jimenez, stated that they have also observed the latest discoveries in non-toxic cancer treatments that are capable of influencing the disease.

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The 5 patients whose stories are included in this TV series were Kate Malvenan, Jose Fernandez, Nicole Randle, Carrie Crary, Janine Jannicelli. Carrie Crary is a 43- year old female. She is a health-conscious and active nurse who is suffering from stage 2 breast cancer.

Joce Fernandez is nearly a 66-year-old male pastor, having prostate cancer. Whereas, Jannicelli Jannicelli, 57 years old, is also suffering from breast cancer. While Nicole Randle is a 41-year-old presentation to fight with ovarian cancer at stage 3.

The last individual 39 years old, Kate Malvenan is a single mother from Australia’s Gold Coast. She is suffering from Lung cancer of stage 4 and is strongminded to fight against cancer for her daughter Anabelle at the age of 3 years old.

The time when Malvenan was diagnosed with cancer, she was told that she is left with just 6 months of her life. At that time, her cancer was strongly spreading throughout the ribs, shoulders, hips, spines, and liver.

Refusing the former idea, she is determined to make a change for the sake of her daughter, sharing her life experiences.  Additionally, according to Charles Mattocks, there is a need to partner up as a health advocate and then promote investigative storytelling. Charles Mattock has to return to be informed to dilute the power of potential and content.

About Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers

In the U.S., nearly more than 1.7 million cases are diagnosed with cancer per year. Since its start in 2000 to up till now, Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers have provided cancer patients with revolutionary programs that include the spirit, mind, and body.

In combination with sophisticated and advanced non-toxic technology, these treatment centers provide each patient with a personalized approach thus improving the quality of life and overall health.

A team of almost 200+ specialists, doctors, and staff working in collaboration with Hope4Cancer Treatment Centers have aimed to empower and educate many lives affected by this chronic disease.





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