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New study shows that fluorinated infant formula milk may cause a decrease in IQ points 

Children who fed with infant formal milk that is reformed with fluorinated tap water, suffer from decreased IQ levels. This ratio is low in the children who were fed with the formula milk prepared from the non-fluorinated water. This study was carried out by the research team from York University in Toronto.

The investigators designed a cohort study that contains a large number of Canadian pairs of mother-child from age3 to 4 years according to the report of Fluoride Action Network (FAN) there is a reduction of 4 points of IQ in the children who belong to some fluorinated areas. The study is added in Elviser’s Environment International volume 134, January 2020 edition.

The fluoride action network (FAN) involved spreading awareness among scientists, citizens and policymakers about the toxicity of harmful compounds usually from water, food, and other sources. A comprehensive and latest information regarding any toxicity is provided by FAN. It monitors the actions of government agencies about the fluorination of water.

This is a cohort study (fifth in a series) to confirms the harm to the neurons from the exposure of fluoride in early life. Two research groups involved in the study. They were funded with $4million funded by the U.S National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS).

This study was based on the comprehensive review that includes all the previous existing studies of humans and animals on the fluoride neurotoxicity. National toxicology program of NIEHS presents this review that observes 149 studies of humans and 339 studies of animals without considering the most recent two studies funded by NIEHS. By observing the quality and consistency of a large number of studies it was concluded that fluoride is the presumed neurotoxins. These studies on mother-child pairs clearly define the reason for dropping the IQ level in the children living in the fluoridated areas.

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In the newest paper, the author observed that the fluoride should be limited in the first six months of the child’s age without considering the benefits that come from fluoride consumption. It would be done by using the non-fluorinated water or by using the formula diluent to lower the fluoride quantity in the water

According to Paul Connett Ph.D., from FAN, that the mother breastfeed contains a very small amount of fluoride nearly less than 0.01ppm so children who are on breastfeeding show no clear results of dropping IQ points. While preparing the formula milk from fluorinated water the level increase to 0.7ppm that produces the damaging results to the growing brain of the infants.

This fluoride is harmful and life-threatening for both the infant and fetal brain. Most children are prone to this loss because of their low family income as their mothers do not afford the cost of non-fluorinated water. The solution to this damaging problem is to prohibit the addition of fluoride in the drinking water.

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