The New integrative health program “IAOMT” has launched a podcast series to highlight the oral-systemic connection

It is a scientifically recognized fact that the dental conditions and general health of the whole body are closely related to each other. It also suggests that periodontal disease is linked to diabetes and CVDs problems. The medical community accepts the connection between CVDs and periodontal disease but the link between dental conditions and the whole health of the body needs to be recognized at the broader level. Through the new integrative health podcast series that is “Word of Mouth”, the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT) tries to bring change about this concept around the world. The new health program was announced at CHAMPOINSGATE, on Nov 20, 2019.

IAOMT is a nonprofit organization consisting of health professionals who put efforts in the research of oral-systemic connection. Moreover, it provides awareness and education about the biocompatibility of dental practices and products including the risks of fluoride compound in teeth, mercury filling, jawbone osteonecrosis, and root canals. Since 1984, It is a global network to protect public health and the environment.

According to the words of the president of IAOMT Carl McMillan, DMD that dentistry is eliminated from the list of medical care, as it is not considered important to treat the infections of the mouth that have a strong connection with the health of all body. This is harmful and damaging because oral health plays a crucial role in the healthy human body, that if not treated or monitored carefully would lead to an extensive range of systemic illnesses.

He added more by saying that today the podcast is launching by the organization, which is directed to focus on the connection between overall health and oral health. Through the podcast series, we are trying to raise awareness in the people about this issue so that It will improve the overall public health.

Dave Warwick DDS gives an interview to the IAOMT past president, Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD, and members during the first episode of Word of Mouth. Dave highlights the new study, focusing on the evaluating levels of mercury emitted from the dental drilling during the amalgam fillings. The risk of exposure to mercury increase in dental professionals and patients who undergo the amalgam filling process daily.

Two more additional points related to integrative health are released today, which are being discussed in the remaining episode of the Word of Mouth podcast. During the second episode,

Val Kanter, DMD, MS, BCNP, IBDM gave an interview to the IOAMT past president and members about the burgeoning conflict over root canal and regenerative endodontics.

The third episode was carried out by the IOAMT past president, Mark Wisniewski, DDS and members, in which they interviewed Boyd Haley, Ph.D. He explained that in disease condition body suffers from oxidative stress and perform detoxification by the liver to eliminate the heavy metals from the body which ultimately promotes   healing by   reducing the oxidative stress from the body

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Further episodes of the World of Mouth are under processing and it is expected by IAOMT that the long-running podcast series will build a more integrated approach for dental and medical health care.

McMillan, the president of IAOMT restates that mouth health is very impactful in deciding the health of the rest of the body. Through an integrated approach, patients can receive better treatment for the whole body.

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