New gene therapy to reverse the aging in humans announced by Libella Gene Therapeutics 

An institutional review board (IRB)-approved pay-to-play clinical trials carried out in Colombia, that is announced by the Libella Gene Therapeutics, LLC. The clinical trials based on gene therapy that was conducted to treat and cure the process of aging. Libella is the first institution that offers the world’s first cure and the only treatment for reversing the aging process by 20 years. This report was published in MANHATTAN, Kan on Nov 21, 2019.

These trails are the results of continuous struggle Dr. Bill Andrew. He is a scientist who put substantial’s efforts throughout his life in trying to figure out the causes that lead us to the aging process. The findings of the scientist featured in Popular Science, this contains many documentaries on the life extensions topics along with the Today Show and The Immortalists documentary.

In 200 clinical trials, gene therapy delivered by Dr. Bill Andrews is safe as it showed the minimum adverse effects. The research was conduct at Geron Corporation 20 years ago, where the researcher’s team discovered the telomers in treating the cancers.

The participants for the clinical trials will be enrolled in the origin country under Libella’s pay-to-play model. They received $1million by the participants for the trails. For signing the agreement participants will be sent to Colombia. Hereunder the strictly maintained environment of the hospital, they received the Libella gene therapy.

Till today, it is considered that aging is a natural process. Now scientists are trying to shift this concept by believing that aging is a disease. Research reveals that big wig for humans aging process is the reduction in the number of the telomers.

Telomeres play an important role in determining the biological clock of the body. division of cells at every step shortens the telomeres. This will reduce the capacity of the cell for further divisions. This is confirmed by many scientific studies. Several studies have shown that aging would be reversible if we lengthen the telomeres.

The mice were injected with telomerase gene therapy, this will prolong the longevity of ling and delays the aging. This new therapy contains the proprietary AAV Reverse (h TERT) Transcriptase enzyme. It is used to increase the length of telomeres. This is the main element in treating and curing aging.

Libella’s clinical trials published in the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM)’s clinicaltrials.gov database. This is the first therapy of the world to prolong the process of aging in humans.

According to Dr. Jeff Mathis Libella’s president, in the U.S. it takes years and $millions, or even $billions to carry out traditional clinical trials. In Colombia Libella’s has the best scientist, latest technology, experienced physicians and trained lab workers for the trials, that would be done at a faster rate and low cost.

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