Starlight Children Foundation Launched “Give Happiness” Campaign For Seriously ill Children and Their Families In This Holiday Season

Starlight children foundation has launched a campaign called “Give Happiness” for the seriously ill children in the hospital and their families. The organization has a goal to bring happiness on the faces of the ill children across the U.S. The philanthropic arm of Niagara bottling is Niagara cares, who will match the donations to a $50,000 from now till the end of Dec 2019. It would be done in collaboration with a newly relaunched charity program by straight children foundation.

Niagara Cares is a philanthropic arm of Niagara bottling that is involved in supporting and severing the seriously ill children at local and national levels through community initiatives programs. It is done through including different partners at the national level by national strategic partnerships, by engaging employees, volunteerism, local community grants, and the Andrew D. Peykoff, Sr. Scholarship program.

This report was published in LOS ANGELES on Nov 25, 2019.

Starlight Children Foundation is an organization that aimed to bring the smiles on seriously ill faces of children and their families to help them heal faster. This will help the children to get free starlight virtual reality, starlight Gaming, starlight hospital wear, and another starlight program. it delivers happiness to the children at different hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities. Join us to become the part of giving happiness at starlight.org

It is a non-profit website featuring a variety of new options for donors. They can give happiness to 10 seriously ill children and their families by just donating $10 through the starlight organization. This includes the option to now view, then select it and donate a specific amount to help the particular hospital in the U.S. located in their community.

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According to the Adam Garone, the CEO of a starlight organization that we are eager to offer the donors by giving them new options at starlight organization for the one who want to produce the positive impact on the seriously ill kids in the hospital that is near to their area. First time in history, in your street or anywhere in the U.S. at any hospital, the donor can give the gifts and presents to support the children and their families that include Starlight Hospital Wear, Starlight Virtual Reality or Starlight Gaming console.

For donating the starlight hospital wear, starlight virtual reality, donors have the option to select any hospital, area or clinics from the list that is provided by the organization. This includes the almost 800 starlight partner hospitals, clinics, camps, respite houses, and pediatric healthcare centers around the U.S. to spread the happiness over the faces of severely ill children and their families.

Being the part of “Give Happiness”, for encouraging the ambassadors and supporters for donation to Stream for Starlight, on Dec 3, 2019, Starlight will be going to celebrate 24 hours Giving Tuesday. This will support the existing stream, arrange a sponsor and fundraiser for the hospital, launch a program on Facebook for fundraising or people can directly donate to starlight.

Click here to read more about the starlight’s annual report 2018. For financial details on these campaigns, check Starlight’s official website.





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