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New RX30 Workout Would Be The New Favourite of All Celebrities 

The celebrity trainer Billy De La Rosa has announced today a newly designed proprietary RX30 workout. Its flagship location in Manhattan and this new fitness plan is strategically created as per the environment to get maximum results. This program is a specialized version of  H.I.I.T style exercises sets for muscle training and core exercises. 

The famous retired Yankees player, John Rodriguez calls RX30 workout to be the “BEST 30-minute workout of your life!” . He says its explosive and extremely dynamic plan. Most of the people are unable to achieve their desired goals for a long time. Also, sticking to one same program is boring and it is common to lose interest in it.

Designer of this program, Billy De La Rosa says that he was sure that he needs to create an effective plan within a short time frame which suits everyone. This workout is specifically designed for celebrities but regular clients ofDe La Rosa can also request for it. It works on people of all ages and shows the result in less time.

Billy De La Rosa is a New-York based celebrity trainer who has been working in this field for a couple of decades. He always inspires his clients to take up new fitness challenges and show commitment to them. He also believes that simple and effective plans work better than hard, strenuous and difficult to follow exercises. Most of his clients are able to achieve their goals within a short time along with a peaceful state of mind.

Talking about RX30, it is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. For someone who wants to get the maximum benefit from exercise in less time, it is better to follow a specialized workout than spending long hours at hum. This workout leaves a person active and fit and not energy drained and lethargic. These fitness plans share the slogan ‘Get Fitter Faster’. The duration of this fitness plan is thirty minutes only which is enough to strengthen the core muscles.

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Each exercise in this plan is specifically designed to work on endurance, increase fat burning and gain muscle mass in a short time. It uses special equipment to improve the quality of its workout. All RX30 coaches are educated and experienced on how to make this work out better for every client.

Currently, RX30 is available in the following modes.

On-site Trainer

If someone chooses this option, a certified Rx30 Trainer will come to the client’s house or training place and help with the workouts. The client can also choose a trainer to visit any time that suits him.

On-line Training

This program is also available online. This online session is from professional trainers via phone and email support. Once the trainer is online using the system, they provide a step by step help to follow all the procedures. This is also a form of personal attention except it works online.

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