Zeno Introduces Snack-Sized Protein Bar “SOBAR” To Reduce Absorption Of Alcohol

Zeno Functional Foods launched a new snack-sized protein bar the SOBAR. The results of the clinical testing were published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The report was announced online on Nov 26, 2019.  Sobar, is the world’s first product or food that is designed to reduce the level of alcohol absorption in the body. The clinical testing reveals that it is twice as effective per calories instead of other food that is being tested. The leading independent laboratory conducts the trails for the confirmation in Toronto, Canada, INQUIS Clinical Research.

Joseph Fisher, is the creator of sobar. He said that that one day at weeding having an empty stomach I had to drink too much alcohol. at that time there is a need for a snack or food that is required to lower my calories by efficiently reducing the absorption of alcohol in the body. This experience compelled me to develop a snack, sobar to help the alcohol drinkers to avoid the overload of calories on the body.

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Zeno is a new emerging food-based company that developed the foods to improve the public health and wellness of the people. It is in Redwood City, California. The graduate student from Stanford medical scientist training program, Joseph Fisher, started the company which two main initial targets i.e. diabetes and alcohol misuse. He wanted to produce the product for lowering the progression of diabetes and alcohol misuse. The company has a plan to sell the product at a commercial level in North America at first through the internet or social media. Then spread its distribution to other areas across the world.

The clinical trials were carried out on the 21 healthy people, 10 adult men, 11 women. The trails were conducted to compare the result of two other foods along with sobar in reducing the absorption of the alcohol. The test was performed 4 times on each person for better confirmation. This includes eating

1: No food

2: Sober with 210 calories

3: Popular snack mixture of about 210 calories

4: Right before drinking a full meal of 365 calories.

The average value of results after 90 minutes of both the food was compared that showed sobar reduces 50% calories while the snack mix reduces 25% calories. The rate of reduction is more grater after having the full meal, sobar performed better as compared to other foods.

The main mechanism behind the sobar is Alco-Hold, this means that it holds the amount to alcohol in the stomach for a longer time and prevent its absorption to avoid the load of calories.

In simple words, it slows down the stomach empty time which inactivates the alcohol and reduces its absorption. Because the rate of absorption of alcohol depends on the stomach empty time as enzymes present in the stomach lining break the alcohol into it smaller constituents (gastric phase 1 metabolism).

A mixture of insoluble oat fiber and milk protein is present in the Alco-Hold. This mixture does not allow the absorption of alcohol in the stomach and holds it for a longer time.

Following are the warning for the use of sobar

  • Do not drive the car while drinking.
  • Do not take the high portion size of sobar to prevent all the absorption because it became toxic for your stomach
  • Do not lower the blood level of alcohol if you are already intoxicated.

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Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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