New Stem Cell Research To Offer Affordable Cancer Treatments

 INTELLiSTEM Technologies is a company doing remarkable work in stem cell research to find a revolutionary treatment for cancer. It is helping to formulate an affordable treatment for cancer patients by offering cancer cell therapies such as CAR T Cells. This therapy costs somewhere between $350k (USD) and $500k (USD.) and are much affordable than the typical cancer treatments.  INTELLiSTEM estimates that Super Sentinel Cells™ (SSCs) treatment for cancer would cost around $30$50k USD.  This price shows a huge difference than what hospitals are charging cancer patients nowadays.

Here is a link to an animated video of SSC’s to understand it better.

Dr. Riam Shammaa is the founding head and current CEO of INTELLiSTEM. He shares how previous gene cell therapies used cells taken from the patients. These cells were then modified and injected back to the patient after the processing. But the problem with these types of therapies is that it is difficult to do it on a large scare. Also, the manufacturing price is too high which adds a burden to the patient.

The new treatment plan uses genetically engineered cells and injects them into the patients. These cells are easier to grow into billions and this way more than one patient can be treated with the same batch. It reduces the price of cancer therapy to a drastically lower level, making it more affordable for the patient.

He also shares that the current expenses on cell therapies i.e. CAR T Cells and dendritic cells are high and unsustainable. For this reason, it may look like a huge financial burden and it may also seem inaccessible for a majority of people, right now.

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The new genetically engineered cells called “Super Sentinel Cells™ (SSC’s)” is created by the research team of INTELLiSTEM technologies. During testing, these SSC’s have shown more than 80% of success rate in study models (rodents) which is unexpected and unprecedented for now. In comparison with the standard cell therapy for cancer treatment, the success rate for the currently used cell therapy is only 20% to 40%.

This testing is made on test animals only but now INTELLiSTEM has moved this research to its next phase using human trials. The estimated time to get complete results from human trials is set as 12 months. If it succeeded, it is one step close to find a practical cure for some types of cancer soon.

Typically, cancer cells hide in the body and the immune system is not able to locate them. These  Super Sentinel Cells™ are actually the modified antigen-presenting cells, which help to locate cancer infected cells and make them get noticed by the immune system. Once they are identified by the immune system, it naturally takes action and destroys them.

Unfortunately, these “Super Sentinel Cells™” do not work on all types of cancer. For now, they are only able to identify hematological and solid cancers. To make it work for more types of cancer, INTELLiSTEM is collaborating with different cancer centers located within the United States. It is also looking forward to making more research collaborations with international research centers to increase the accessibility of cancer therapy in the future.

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The SSC’s are expected to work efficiently against solid tumors, for example, Breast Cancer cells, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer cells, Melanoma and Lymphomas. The animal testing results are recorded after the one-time treatment, but for 100% results, a second shot Super Sentinel Cells™ might be necessary.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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