The Emergence of VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant Helps to Control Bleeding During Surgery

VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant launched by Ethicon can facilitate surgeons in managing blood loss during surgery. Bleeding in patients undergoing surgery is quite difficult to manage. In many of such patients, there are multiple factors that may make the situation worse and life-threatening by causing excessive bleeding.

To tackle this issue, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies revealed the launch of VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant (Human) by Ethicon. This new technology can help to control blood loss during surgery.

A combination of clotting proteins (thrombin and fibrinogen) present in the plasma of humans, is incorporated into VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant (Human). When the bleeding site comes in contact with VISTASEAL, there will be a durable, rapid, and adherent clot formation.

This clot has the capability to inhibit blood loss and sustain hemostasis even in patients at high risk of bleeding. Further the results of three randomized clinical trials have also shown a link between VISTASEAL and overall lower hemostatic retreatment rate of 0.9 percent – 7.8 percent.

The patients having surgery may be also suffering from conditions like renal or liver failure, uncontrolled diabetes, or coagulopathies.

Additionally, these patients may be having chronic antiplatelet therapies or anticoagulants. All of these can influence the natural blood clotting ability of the body, enhancing the risk of bleeding during surgery.

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In most of the demanding cases, the VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant (Human) has the ability to form durable, rapid, and adherent clots. The strategic collaboration of Ethicon with Grifols (a leading plasma industry) has led to the emergence of VISTASEAL.

The partnership with Grifols, a pharmaceutical company in Spain, has led to the manufacturing of the VISTASEAL Fibrin Sealant (Human), and provision of its license to Ethicon. Also, this partnership has combined the ability of Grifols to provide critical plasma-based therapies with the expertise of Ethicon in manufacturing device technology.

VISTASEAL is available in pre-filled syringes and is the first fibrin sealant manufactured to be applied without gas in both open and least invasive methods. As no gas is required for spraying VISTASEAL, it can save time in the operating room by the elimination of steps needed for set-up with gas.

Moreover, the VISTASEAL Dual Applicator tip is also beneficial due to its malleable nature allowing better spray control and access to complex anatomy.

There is a critical need to control bleeding during surgery, as it offers a clear picture of the surgery site and avoids the harmful clinical outcomes caused by severe blood loss. According to an estimation, nearly 32% to 68% of open surgery cases are associated with events of disruptive blood loss.

The standard surgical methods such as ligature, cautery, and suture may be impractical or ineffective to manage bleeding in some adults undergoing a surgical procedure. In these adults, VISTASEAL aids in achieving hemostasis for mild to moderate bleeding.

VISTASEAL is also found to be helpful in patients receiving heparin (blood thinner). In short, VISTASEAL, the latest device launched by Ethicon, can help in controlling blood loss. It can also prevent the complications or life-threatening conditions associated with bleeding.


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