EMMes Developed A Universal Influenza Vaccine For The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

EMMes has announced the development of a vaccine for the flu that is “universal influenza vaccine”.  EMMes is the part of a team including medical centers, private industry, and universities that support the development of a vaccine. The vaccine provides protection for a long time as compared to currently available vaccines. Moreover, it is capable to fight against a wide range and variety of influenza. The news was announced in ROCKVILLE on Dec 2, 2019.

By collaborating with our clients, we are producing valuable and trusted scientific research. Our passionate members are working on maintaining quality care for human health. We provide funds and support to more than 1000 studies and researches for a wide range of diseases since 1977.

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EMMes is part of currently launched Collaborative Influenza Vaccine Innovation Centers (CIVICS) programs, which work under the guidance of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID). NIAID is the part of National Institute of Health. All the network of the health care centers and research centers will coordinate and work together to develop an effective, long-lasting and protective vaccine at the broader level.

Dr. Anne Lindblad, president, and chief executive officer of EMMes, said, “This project builds upon our experience in supporting clinical trials of universal influenza vaccine and other emerging infectious diseases, such as Zika and Ebola. It’s exciting to be on the ground floor of this innovative program for NIAID.”

For the CIVICs programs, EMMes is working in collaboration with the other two companies for data management and supporting statistical data. This includes a prime contractor Digital Infuzion, EMMes, and a subcontractor Gryphon Scientific, LLC. Their headquarters located in Maryland.

According to t the report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that influenza affects many people around the world every year. It causes hundreds of people to get admitted to hospitals and ten thousand deaths annually. The need for developing the vaccine is to reduce the number of cases and deaths, also the current vaccine is not able to protect the people from the viruses. This led to the development of the new NIAID program.

Preclinical and clinical trials are designed by the EMMes, Digital Infuzion, and Gryphon Scientific team members. They also focused on the data analysis performance, making the final results that are available beyond the CIVCs program and ensuring the availability of data in publicly accessible databases.

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According to the chief scientific officer at digital infusion Dr. Stephan Bour that EMMes a great company that its addition proves valuable to our team for developing a vaccine as the company has experience over 30 years with NIAID. The company made an owing reputation in statistical and data management. The team is looking forward to building a partnership and a strong contribution to the strategic endeavor.

Dr. Lindblad added, “EMMes has been expanding our presence in the Maryland biotech community, and it’s a pleasure to collaborate with Digital Infuzion. The company is known for using technology and bioinformatics to develop novel solutions for the health care industry.”

Further, he shares that EMMes play a vital role in expanding our efforts in the biotech community in Maryland. The company is famous for its technology and bioinformatics for developing innovative solutions for the health care centers.


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