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The Launch of First-Ever Prostate Supplement Verified By USP

Flomentem Health has revealed the launch of the first-ever prostate supplement that is USP Verified. This new supplement (Flomentum) launch is completely in accordance with the company’s objective.

Flomentum Health delivers prostate health supplements to men suffering from age-associated prostate and urinary problems. The company is dedicated to offering natural science-based and highest quality supplements to such individuals.

The US Wellness Inc. Director, Dr. Leigh Vinocur, is also the health contributor at the famous Dr. Oz Show and works with Fox News as well. According to her, the number of patients asking physicians about supplements has enlarged with an increase in the trend and awareness about supplements.

The parameters to regulate supplements are quite different from that of drugs, making physicians more concerned about safety and quality. The technique aids in ensuring a quality on which a physician can trust.

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The USP Verification Mark (USP) has analyzed and approved supplements, for their manufacturing process, potency, and ingredients. The USP (United States Pharmacopeia) is a non-profit organization that is nearly 200 years old.

Using its USP Dietary Supplement Verification Program, the organization has the capability to examine and check the quality of the supplement.

The organization is also responsible for publishing The National Formulary (USP-NF) and United States Pharmacopeia by forming a partnership with academia, government, and industry. All these explain the standard quality of dietary supplements and drugs.

John Atwater stated that this is the first-ever supplement of prostate health that has completed the USP, and The National Formulary (USP-NF) in partnership with leading names from the industry, academics, and some government departments, also establishes the ideal quality standards dietary supplements and drugs

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Senior Director of USP “Verification Services”, Atwater, said that qualifying this program for verification is a new achievement that shows a dedication to excellence and following GMP (United States Pharmacopeia) quality systems for dietary supplement synthesis according to the officially described standards.

Compared to the power of saw palmetto berry that is usually available on shelf stores, the contents of clinically proven ingredients are nearly 8 times more in Flomentum. Each Flomentum soft gel contains 320mg superior grade saw palmetto oil extract that is obtained from mature saw palmetto berries.

The results of the clinical studies have also found that taking this dose can (320 mg) be quite effective. On the basis of its possible beneficial effects, Flomentum is also considered comparable to the European saw palmetto herbal medicine. Where the former one is known to be effective in establishing European Union herbal monograph on Serenoa repens (saw palmetto).

According to the Senior Vice President at Flomentum Health, William Donovan, along with his team has promised the same event. In the US, altogether, the excellent supply chain of Flomentum Health has enabled it to launch first and the only USP-verified prostate health supplements.

About USP

USP (United States Pharmacopeia) is a science-based and non-profit organization. It forms a partnership with the top experts throughout the world and develops quality standards for food ingredients.


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