Orpyx SI Sensory Insole system Helps in Preventing Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Orpyx SI Sensory Insole system launched by Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. facilitates diabetic patients in preventing diabetic foot ulcers (DFU). Orpyx, a pioneer in digital health therapeutics, offers life-changing tools to individuals with diabetes.

The company’s latest innovation – Orpyx SI Sensory Insoles, can help in avoiding complications like neuropathy-associated ulcers and diabetic foot via RPM (Remote patient monitoring) technology.

Orpyx SI Sensory Insole system monitors the wearer’s movement, temperature, and pressure. By monitoring these components, it permits the diabetic people to have immediate audiovisual alerts. Additionally, it also helps in taking spontaneous action to manage areas with high pressure that can otherwise cause a breakdown of the tissue.

Healthcare Professionals can analyze the present data using a cloud control panel. And recognize trends to make effective decisions and help their patients in preventing diabetic foot ulcers and keeping their feet healthy.

Breanne Everett is co-inventor and CEO of Orpyx Medical Technologies Inc. (Orpyx). He stated that eliminating preventable diabetic foot ulcers is the goal of the company. Current treatment methods aren’t that effective in eliminating DFUs.

In almost 25 percent of diabetic patients, there is an occurrence of foot ulcers. And in 40 percent of these individuals, even after recovery from the DFUs, there may be a relapse within twelve months.

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In individuals who have suffered from diabetic foot ulcers at least once in their life, the five-year mortality rate was found to be 50 percent. That is much greater than the mortality rate associated with breast cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia.

Additionally, Everett stated that in his clinical practice he has observed the emotional and physical impact of diabetic foot ulcers on diabetes patients and their families. And knowing the ways to prevent the relapse of DFUs can help in improving the lives of such individuals, also avoiding the cost required for care.

According to an estimation, the U.S. spends almost 176 billion dollars on providing care to diabetes patients. Whereas, 60 billion dollars from this amount are associated with lower limb care.

A latest randomized controlled trial has compared the Orpyx SI Sensory Insole system with standard of care. The study results showed that the Orpyx SI Sensory Insole system led to an 86 percent reduction in the DFU relapse in patients who previously had diabetic foot ulcers or are suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a complication of diabetes that occurs in 70 percent of the individuals suffering from this disease. The condition is described as a decrease in the ability to feel pain and loss of sensation (paresthesia) in the feet.

Most of the time, patients with peripheral neuropathy may not be able to sense the occurrence of tissue damage due to loss of sensation.  If not treated on time, it may become the major cause of lower-limb amputations.

The launch of Orpyx SI technology shows the cooperation of Orpyx company with healthcare professionals and diabetes patients. Orpyx SI Sensory Insole system has allowed the provision of real-time data by using a simple interface.

In the past, the provision of such accurate data was only possible in research settings, but now the efforts of Orpyx has made it available in everyday life to prevent DFUs.


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