Henry Ford Innovations Introduces An Indoor Tracking System Especially Designed For Hospitals

Henry Ford Innovations have designed a new indoor tracking software for the hospitals for monitoring and control. This new tracking system is comparable to the GPS system for its efficiency in design, operation, and function. This new system is named “Novatrack” which is being assumed as a game-changing device for the healthcare system. With this new tracking system, it is possible to track all mobility services inside the hospital such as patient transportation, housekeeping, etc., Today, Henry Ford Innovations (HFI) has announced an agreement with NAVV Systems to commercialize this tracker for public use. NAVV Systems is a Detroit-based start-up that would further develop this system and market this tracker for HFI.

The new tracking system “Novatrack” operates by floor print and is connected to a wireless network.  It uses Apple’s indoor positioning system for complete visualization and monitoring of location through its app, installed on all staff member’s iPhones. The manager of this system will monitor the location of every staff member from the control center and could also communicate through text message.

Joseph Jankowski is a senior advisor at Henry Ford Innovations. He finds this new tracker to be time-saving and provide an efficient monitoring system for hospitals. Keeping a track of all staff would improve patient services thus contributing to their speedy recovery.

This way, staff members would be active and more efficient to perform their duties. It would also improve the transport and discharge of patient services and overall it would make the working environment of a hospital better for everyone.

This new system is one of its type tracker that is specially designed for indoor hospital monitoring. Behind Novatrack’s creation are two people from the Henry Ford Health Innovations team. One is Paul Zieske who works as a program manager for location services in the IT department, the other is Daniel Siegal, who is the vice-chairman of the Department of Radiology.  The concept of this system was introduced by Zieske in the Davidson Fellowship program 2014-15. This is a special program by HFI which targets to provide the latest training and education on new digital technologies and their commercialization.

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Here in its inaugural class, Zieske met Dr. Siegal and teamed up to work on this tracking system. Zieske says that most of the time, everyone has something in their mind when they get into this program so his idea was this tracking system.

After finishing this fellowship, both these geniuses worked and built and prototype of the system. This prototype design had support from the hospital and it was allowed for a test trial in October 2018. Initially, it was able to track patient transport and housekeeping services at Henry Ford Hospital. But later on, its services were expanded to include inpatient pharmacy and hopefully, it would soon include inpatient food delivery services too.

HFI plans to use this indoor tracking software in four acute care hospitals located in “Clinton Township”, “Jackson”, “West Bloomfield” and “Wyandotte”  by 2020.

Dr. Siegal shares that Novatrack could be a “game-changer” for the healthcare sector because of its efficient working. Working just like GPS, Novatrack would give accurate monitoring of staff members and this way it would improve the routine tasks of staff.



Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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