US Adults Are Concerned About Infertility, Survey Results Reveal

LifeSpring Insurance Services has commissioned a new survey that shows infertility is a big concern in American adults.  The survey was conducted online through Harris Poll, a competitive market research firm and collected data from more than 2000 US adults.

Surveys like these represent an attitude connected to family growth issues and infertility. Findings from the survey are helpful to find the ratio of Americans that are conscious about their future generation’s health. According to the survey, only 66% of Americans feel happy about becoming a grandparent and they think it is an important milestone for them. The remaining 33 percent of them are afraid about their children’s reproductive health and they suspect the problem of infertility in them.

A new infertility policy developed by Texas-based LifeSpring Insurance Services works to protect a new generation from reproductive issues like infertility. According to this recent online survey, only 31 percent of Americans are interested to protect their children against future primary infertility.

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The survey further explains that 66 percent Americans consider that becoming a grandparent is important to them and the adults whose ages are between 35-55 are more reliable then the younger peers whose ages are between 18-34 and older peers who are 45+ and say that becoming a grandparent is an important milestone to them (75 percent vs. 65 percent and 64 percent).

While 78 percent of parents consider it important to them if their children have their own children one day in the future while 45 percent of parents whose kids are under 18 are interested in a health insurance policy because they think it can save their children future and future primary infertility.

About 84 percent of Americans believe that anyone who needs treatment should be affordable for them, but 31 percent of Americans would show interest in health insurance policy only for their children’s future to protect them from future primary infertility.

To ensure primary infertility treatments five years are spent by Two Austin-based insurance who was offered by LifeSpring Insurance Services developing the country’s health policy such as the “Primary Infertility Assistance Policy(PIAP)” is offered in Texas.

CEO of LifeSpring, Jason Muesse says that they are trying their best to remove all the stressful barriers related to financial problems between the future young couples and the dreams which they have for their family.

LifeSpring insurance is doing it’s best giving hope to future generations and providing an opportunity to today’s adults. The benefit of LifeSpring policy is to give financial resources to future generations without any personal expense. LifeSpring is dedicated to providing treatments for primary infertility not only for today’s adults but also for the next generations. It provides resources to future generations to have their own biological children.




Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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