Immunity related benefits of mushroom mycelium and its fermented substrate confirmed by peer-reviewed Science

Fungi Perfecti, LLC, worked with the immunology experts of the Natural Immune System, Inc. Together, they investigated the health-promoting benefits of mycelium of mushroom and its fermented substrate. After that, they published the peer-reviewed research article in the journal namely, BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

Mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular for their usage as dietary supplements that support immunity and improve overall health. Such supplements include components from different phases of the mushroom’s lifecycle, like spores, fruitbodies, and mycelium.

To grow mushroom mycelium for the purpose of supplement formation, brown rice usually serves as a food source. During growth, the mushroom mycelium keeps on digesting the rice substrate and increase in mass. While in the meantime, the amount of grain substrate decreases.

The grain substrate, during the growth process, becomes inseparable from the mushroom mycelium. At the production scale, the separation of grain substrate is impractical and of no benefit. Therefore, the makers add the fermented substrate along with the pure mycelium in mushroom supplements based on mycelium.

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Verification by the peer-reviewed research article in BMC CAM

The peer-reviewed research published in BMC CAM verifies that the mushroom mycelium has high potency to stimulate immune cell function. It also validates that the fermented substrate alone and is very active in supporting natural immunity.

Another important point was that the immunity-boosting benefits of mushrooms are due to many components other than beta-glucans.

Researchers applied the same immune assays on the unfermented brown rice substrate to analyze their effect on the immune system. They found no significant benefit of the unfermented grain as compared to the fermented substrate on the immunity.

The research confirms that both the mushroom mycelium and its fermented substrate possess useful properties. Moreover, they have high efficiency in providing nutritional support to promote healthy immune function.

Opinions of the experts

The co-author of the study, the founder and chief scientist of Fungi Perfecti, Paul Stamets, presented his opinion. Paul has earned significant recognition in the field of mycology as a leading innovator. His main focus has been on the health-promoting characteristics of the mushroom.

He said that in his opinion, mushroom products that do not include mycelium are at a high disadvantage. He made this opinion in light of the results provided in the recently published study.

Renee Davis, the Research and Development Director at Fungi Perfecti, also made a statement. She said that the world knows the exceptional biotransformational properties of mycelium of mushroom.

The enzymes and other small components have significant capabilities to bring about changes in the chemical nature of the substrate.

She said that this study is the first one of its nature. It investigates the effects of rice substrate on the immunity, fermented, and separated from the pure mycelium.

The results of the study have made them confident and excited as a research team. It made them proud that they, on the scientific forum, are contributing to the scientific community.

The study confirms again that the mycelium of the mushroom and its fermented substrate are the strong immunity supporters.


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