Devo Pharmaceuticals Survey Explain Impact of Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP) On Patients  

An online survey was conducted recently to highlight the burden of disease and the impact of patients who suffer from immune thrombocytopenia. The results from this online survey were presented by the Dove Pharmaceutical at the 61st Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology. This meeting was arranged in Orlando from Dec 7 to Dec10.

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Immune thrombocytopenia is an autoimmune disorder characterized by the abnormality of blood known as thrombocytopenia. In this disorder, the number of platelets falls below than normal level i.e. <100,000/ microliter. It reduces the quality of life and results in potential bleeding. Platelet is required for normal blood clotting mechanism. The affected individual has red or purple spots just under the skin due to bleeding.

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These small spots are called purpura and the large spot under the skin is called ecchymoses. The people suffer from significant episodes of bleeding such as from moist lining of the mouth (mucosae) and a nose. The most severe cases also include gastrointestinal bleeding characterized by blood in urine and stool. In females, it led to a prolonged period of menstrual bleeding. The normal adult is treated to gain the normal platelet count <30,000/microliter.

To complete the one-time cross-sectional online survey, the ITP patients were enlisted from the Platelet Disorder Support Association. The patients or the adults from the U.S. who suffer from ITP report itself about their disease. These individuals were diagnosed with ITP and received one treatment at least.

An online survey of about 30-45 mins was completed by the patients about diagnosis experiences, demographics, disease management, symptoms, and treatment.

Kavita Aggarwal is the Vice President of Affairs at Dove Pharmaceuticals thinks that these online surveys reveal the complications related to ITP in the patients and the effect of severe bleeding, fatigue, and treatment. About 2/3 patients have been diagnosed with ITP for the last 10 years. Still, 58% of patients report the same symptoms that they observe during their working hours, family and social life.

Only 67 patients completed the online survey. Among these, 2//3rd patients were diagnosed with the ITP in the last 10 years. The diagnosis leads to the following events including general check-up 19%, petechiae 21%, bleeding 18% and bruising 16%. Patients with ITP are well known about their disease and their platelet count. 58% of patients with ITP reported the fatigue that interferes with their family and social life and with work. Daily fatigue reported by 35% and 13% of patients reported fatigue twice a week.

The overall conclusion has shown from an online survey that not all the patients reported the inference of bleeding with their work, family and social life.




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