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Genomind and Sharecare Collaborating to Provide Improved Mental Health Solutions To Mental Patients

Genomind is a leading mental health services provider and Sharecare is digital mental health both are collaborating for a new venture. This new program is to help the people for managing their mental and physical health through one place. It also provides precise and new solutions for improving mental wellbeing, in particular. Genomind innovative mental health education and pharmacogenomics services will be provided by the Sharecare’s award-winning health and wellness engagement platform.

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Genomind is a leading mental health care company that delivers genetic testing tools to empower clinicians for making more strong treatment decisions. It also helps them to develop better results for mental health patients.

According to Dr. Ronald Dozoretz, who is the chairman and founder of Genomind that despite spending more dollars, giving more prescription and doing more discussion about mental health, the condition in the people all over the world continues to grow with an enormous number.

In every five individuals in America, one is suffering from any mental health complication. By observing this ratio World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 depression will become the largest health burden in the world. So, to avoid this burden today we need to develop innovative solutions in order to help the patients. This makes us excited to make new solutions through the partnership with Sharecare.

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 Sharecare will give access to Genominds’s suite of personalized mental health services. It includes the Genomind professional PGx Express, the flagship service and the newly launched services from the company’s developmental pipeline.

To support the use of PGx in treating the mental health, a growing number of independent cadre of studies is available such as in the most recent study it was shown that through using the PGx services it can reduce the utilization costs of resources in treatment of mental health by $2,000 in the six months after the testing.

More personalized care and robust resources for mental health will be provided to the Sharecare users by Genomind as it has extensive expertise in the role of pharmacogenomics for treating mental health. The personalized care and resources include general information, pharmacogenomics on mental health and provide connectivity to the clinicians for delivering the PGx services.

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Through the companies’ joint venture, the implementation of all initiatives will be supported by Genomind. This would be done by developing a devoted and dedicated execution team from Sharecare in Q1 2020.

Jeff Arnold, who is the chairman and founder of Sharecare aims to provide effective management and better ways for treatment to patients, it is necessary to connect the power of data for determining the best options for treatment. To empower millions of people we give access to better care according to the needs of that specific problem to every individual. This would be done by working with Genomind to develop the new solutions and their expertise in pharmacogenomics in our platform.

Sharecare, a digital health company helping the people to manage all health problems in one place. Each person at the Sharecare platform has given comprehensive and personalized care regardless of their condition and stage of the disease. Here they can easily connect the information, evidence-based programs and health care professionals for achieving the happiest, healthier and most product lives.

Sharecare still developing the more efficient plans for providing the treatment and health care facilities to the patients for improving the standard and quality of life.

Through the partnership, Sharecare will support the Genomind for expanding its PGx services to mental health services. It will offer health care providers to access expertise in medication management. Sharecare also gives populations access to Genomind’s tool for improving their mental health and reduces cost care.

Genomind professional PGx Express is the most innovative mental health genetic testing service. That is available on the prescription. It analyzes the variants on the up to 24 genes that are selected for inclusion base on guidelines from the expert consortia peer-reviewed studies.

The results from the tests include patients’ gene variants information related to the conditions that need to be treated e.g. depression, autism, anxiety, chronic pain, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder, and substance abuse.


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