Low-Cost Health System Initiative For Dementia Patients Launched Today

The Alzheimer’s Association has announced initiatives of the new health care system that launched today. The system is aimed to facilitate and enhances dementia care in the clinical setting. The Alzheimer’s Association is working with the 300-health care system all over the world. It offers the approved solution for the betterment of health and effectively manages the cost of the care in the patients of dementia.

The Alzheimer’s Association, a leading voluntary health care organization that is established for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. The main goal of the organization is to eliminate the disease of Alzheimer’s by bringing advancement in research. The organization is working to provide and improve the care and support of the patients. It also wants to reduce the risk of dementia by highlighting the importance of brain health.

To improve access for timely detection and quality care to dementia patients, the new initiatives working with the many health care systems. The directors of 21 regional health systems hired by the Association which helps to increase the awareness and utilization of the available resources and tools. It also aimed to enhance dementia care for the patients in the clinical setting. the regional directors will get feedback from the providers for evolving and enhancing the new ways, that can support the work.

According to the Joanne Pike Dr. P.H who is the chief program officer at the Alzheimer’s Association that we work with the clinicians and health systems two times more as compared to the previous one. For ensuring quality care to dementia patients the support to the providers for developing the strategies and solutions is very important. The need is to understand the necessities of providers, so it is easy to help them for meeting the complex needs of care for the individuals and affected families.

The new initiative will work with the other health systems and clinicians for achieving the following:

  • The timely and accurate diagnosis of Alzheimer’s patients and dementia will improve care management and prevent further complications in older persons
  • It enhances the clinical experience of people with dementia and caregivers. It ensures good communication through well-educated answers and planned next steps, which help the individuals to access the care services, it also helps in making the future about finance and participates in the clinical trials.
  • It lightens the burden from the clinicians by empowering them through training, resources, and support. Through an interdisciplinary approach, It helps in delivering the difficult diagnosis and providing the follow-up care
  • It reduces and manages the cost of the care more effectively by working with health care systems and clinicians. It enhances the management of diseases and reduces the need for hospitalization.

With the words of Pike that if dementia is not treated or managed well it will result in worse conditions and higher cost is required for the cure. To work with the health care system, we can provide timely and high-quality care with effective cost to dementia patients.

The most expensive disease in the U.S is Alzheimer’s. Trillion dollars will surpass in treating or managing the care for Alzheimer’s patients in America for the persons who have age more than 65 or older than this. The cost will be reduced if early diagnosis and proper management will be done for dementia patients.

Pike added by saying that the care for dementia is expensive and complex. 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and still, the number is rising. So, the need of the time is to work with other health care systems and clinicians in order to meet the increasing demands. It will ensure high-quality patients centered care and reduce the cost of managing the disease in the patients.

To support the health care systems and clinicians, The Alzheimer’s Association offers many resources throughout the disease continuum, which includes the diagnosis and early detection of Alzheimer’s and dementia care planning, management of conditions and support services.



Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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