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Universal Health Services and Beaumont Health All Set to Open A New Hospital in Michigan

Universal Health Services and Beaumont Health are on their way to a joint venture to set up a hospital dedicated to providing mental health services in Dearborn, Michigan. The two organizations are keen on addressing the growing concern in the United States through advanced and high-quality mental health services.

They have planned to carry out the construction within a few months and build a hospital for mental health services with 150 beds. The mental health hospital will be a few blocks away from the Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn on the vacant area of eight acres on Rotunda Drive. The services will be expected to open to serve the residents in the spring of 2021.

The sponsoring partner in the deal, Beaumont Health is aimed at not just bringing the new facilities to the people of America but also coordinating a number of different and added services for all inpatient and outpatient mental health care, technological advancements and clinical training of the staff. Moreover, the two partners are determined to offer specialized care for the patients through medical residencies, training and the provision of the latest telehealth tech.

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The basic focus of the team will be to bring advancement in the mental health care that otherwise goes unnoticed in many cases. By bringing innovation, it becomes more convenient for the health care team to evaluate and also manage the particular needs of the patients that very case to case.

With this aim, the partners continue to build up a strong team. Universal Health Care being the provider of healthcare services and Beaumont Health being the advocate of technological and professional skill advancement in the health market, the project is expected to see a lot of hype. Moreover, the ample experience and patient turnover in the field are some supporting factors that have encouraged them to take this project in the mental health care vicinity.

The project costs 40 million USD and will encompass an area of a hundred thousand sq ft, doubling the capacity of Beaumont Health’s inpatient mental health care service area.

The new mental health facility will be constituting teams coming from disciplines at a broad scale that include general physicians, psychiatrists, certified clinical pharmacists, internal medicine physicians, counselors, psychologists, nutrition therapists, and other clinical staff. In addition to that, the new mental health hospital will have an integral assessment facility adjoined with a referral center for supporting the Beaumont Health Emergency Centres and the community.

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There will also be treatment facilities available for substance use disorder for patients who are getting healthcare services for mental health diagnoses. In the near future, the organization has a plan to transform its current inpatient services regarding mental health towards the new project that will have extensive care programs serving patients belonging to all age groups.

The two organizations also aim for the implementation of an integrated telemedicine and telehealth program for supporting the patient care settings that include nine emergency rooms. This advanced technology will provide a more convenient route for access to mental health care services for the patients.



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