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Unsatisfactory Pre-operational Assessments Contribute To Medical Negligence For Anesthesiologists

The Doctors Company has revealed a new study that, today, we are facing major problems while performing operations only due to many operation assessments that are done before the operation and a patient should consult anesthesiologists a week before the surgery.

Physicians founded and led the Doctors Company. The Doctors Company is playing its major role by advancing, rewarding and protecting the practice of good medicines. The Doctors Company provides the best resources, expert guidance and coverage.

The company is helping the hospitals and trying their best to manage and solve all the complexities the people are facing today. The Doctors Company is the largest medical insurer malpractice company and the total members of Doctors Company are Eighty-two thousand. The two companies, A.M Best and Fitch Ratings, have rated the Doctors Company as one of the best nations company before the operations.

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One of the nation’s largest physicians, an insurer of medical malpractice, has studied a patient case who is diagnosed with many medical conditions simultaneously and independently. That’s why new trends are claimed by him in which anesthesia care is also involved. But when the physicals and histories of about 67% of patients were reviewed, they found that only one person had comorbidities like obstructive sleep apnea and obesity.

Physicians find that the major factors which are the cause of patients’ injury are the monitoring of patients, the decline in the potential assessments and the communications that happen among the providers.

The vice president and the study co-author, Darrell Ranum, of the Doctors Company, patient risk, and safety management, finds that the recent studies revealed that only limited pre-operation assessments should be conducted and the testing products and inputs get limited when anesthesiologists limit the work and performing tests and inputs.

The mission of Doctors company is to make reforms and to encourage the healthcare organizations, proceduralists and surgeons to introduce and to advance the good medical practice and they should all work together to increase the assessments and the testing related to surgery.

The co-author and the board-certified anesthesiologist, Susan K.Palmer, considers that the anesthesiologists sometimes are forced to do a hasty review of the patients and their history, particularly when they work under private authority. Even if the anesthesiologists find something to concern about the patient and the conditions are not suitable to give anesthesia to the patients, they are forced to do that and they aren’t allowed to delay the surgery.

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Palmer recommends to the patients that if they want to protect themselves from such types of risks and they should consult with the anesthesiologists before one week of their surgery. And when the patients consult with the anesthesiologists, the pre-anesthesia questions of patients are sent to the surgeons to give a compromise solution whether the surgery should be delayed or not.

The patients are suggested to consult anesthesiologists by their own selves but the healthcare to the patients should be provided according to the circumstances an individual facing and according to the laws of governance made for them.



Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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