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Beaumont Health And Universal Health Service (UHS) To Open A New Mental Hospital With Advanced Services In Early 2020

Two health organizations, Universal Health Service (UHS) and Beaumont Health have decided to construct a new mental hospital in the city, Dearborn. This decision was taken to fulfill the growing and highly demanding needs, to provide high quality and more advanced services related to mental health.

 NRC Health has conducted a survey that shows, Beaumont Health, one of the largest health care systems. This is a non-profit organization which is providing extraordinary care to the patients. Every year Beaumont Health discharges many patients who are not in thousands but laces.

Universal Health Services is also included in the largest health care system providing healthcare services and hospitals and has a remarkable record of high achievements and performances. The last survey which was conducted in 2017 makes the Universal Health Services (UHS) the world’s best company.

Today, mental health is one of the top concerns among the whole world like many organizations, legislators and government officials. The suicide cases are increasing day by day and almost fifty percent of adults are suffering from mental health.

Both organizations have also finalized the infrastructure design. The construction of a new mental hospital will start in 2021 and the facility of one hundred and twenty beds will be provided. This hospital will be constructed in Dearborn near the hospital, Beaumont hospital. The land area for the new mental hospital will be eight acres and it is expected that it will open to serve people at the start of 2021 or in the mid of 2021.

CEO of Beaumont hospital, John Fox, finds that the new hospital will have all the new and modern facilities. There will be the facilities of clinical training and they will have an approach to all the innovative new techniques, they need. The Beaumont hospital is already helping people by providing them the facilities of psychopharmacology, psychiatry and all other opportunities of clinical training are provided.

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Not only Beaumont but also Universal Health Service (UHS) will work for the welfare and betterment of patients and will provide them the facilities of training of the latest technology, telehealth, and medical residencies.

Mental health care includes, having a facility of a good mental hospital and healthcare service and Universal Health Services (UHS) was selected by the Beaumont Health because it provides and fulfills all the basic needs of the patients, they need. UHS is serving about two hundred hospitals and a maximum of six lace patients are served by these hospitals per year.

UHS Vice president of Behavioral Health Division, Mat Peterson, remarks his words that they are proud to be in partnership with the Beaumont Health because the facilities which it provides to patients are admirable as the physical and health services which are being provided by the Beaumont Health are significant reducing the number of patient admissions, the emergency department visits and the enhanced and reformed treatment methods and techniques to better the patient satisfaction level and the clinical outcomes.

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The top priority of UHS is to save the lives of patients and to increase the awareness about mental health care and the problems related to it and the addiction problems which are pushing our society to mental health problems.

Beaumont Health and Universal Health Services, both are trying to implement new technology like telemedicine program to support the whole system. This technology will be beneficial to make health care services and providers more fast and skilled.

Mental Health problem is the major issue of today, increasing suicides is one of the mental health problems but hope that the Beaumont Health and UHS will overcome the problems nearly.


Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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