Medasense Biometric Introduced The NOL Pain Technology For Dementia Patients

Medasense Biometric Ltd. has developed a pain scale index using NOL pain technology to improve the treatment of dementia patients.  For this, Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) gave a grant to  Medasense Biometrics Ltd. For developing and extending the application of this new pain response index. Furthermore, this developmental phase would be completed by cooperation with Dorot Rehabilitation and Geriatric Medical Center in Netanya, Israel.

Medasense is a company and trying its best to optimize the patient sufferings by introducing new tools and techniques like the PMD-200 is helpful during the patient’s surgery to reduce and control their pain sufferings and this PMD-200 is approximately distributed in many countries in Europe.

Dorot Netanya Geriatric Medical Center is included in the largest geriatric centers of Israel. The main units for which Dorots works are respite care, chronic ventilator-dependent care, nursing, hospice, rehabilitation, chronic medicine, and many others. Dorot is also affiliated with one of the Israels Institute of technology that is the Technion Faculty of Medicine.

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World Health Organization reported that about 10 million new cases of dementia are reported every year and today, about 50 million people are suffering from dementia in the whole world. Dementia is more common among older people and the major cause of dementia is a disability.

The people who are suffering from severe dementia they are even unable to convey their pain limit. Expounders and the cares use some subjective indicators to assess the pain in dementia patients and that subjective indicators are facial expression, moaning, altered respiration, agitation, restlessness, and behavioral changes. But these indicators are not more specific to experience the real pain the patients suffer and are unable to find the true way to relieve the pain of dementia patients.

The NOL technology which is developed by Medasense is significant and beneficial to minimize dementia patients suffering and help to avoid the overdoses of medicines. NOL is one of the unique technologies and a noninvasive imaging technique that monitors the dementia patients and finds the quantity of pain that a patient bears.

This technology is used in the operating rooms to relieve the patients from pain when the patients are given anesthesia for their surgery.  And Medasense is also trying to extend the NOL pain with the IIA grant to treat dementia patients.

The Deputy Director of Dorot, Dr. Ady Sasson, is proud to be part of Medasense and it is the honor for Dorot to work with Medasense especially in the project of NOL pain technology. Dorot is an Israelian organization and a center of Medasense is also located in Israel that’s why they can increase and improve the quality and their care method for their patients on a daily basis.

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Dorot wishes to treat their patients with that method which is not temporary and in which the patients did not suffer much pain instead they want to introduce that technology that can control the patient’s pain and give the patients medicine only when they need it. But till now they aren’t much stronger to make all these changes but hope to overcome all the challenges by cooperating with the Medasense.

CEO and Founder of Medasnse, Galit Zuckerman-Stark, finds that Medasense is working hard to reduce the sufferings of dementia patients by introducing the more advanced tools and technology. Medasense has already introduced a technology that monitors the patient’s pain and also helpful in reducing the patient’s pain when they are given anesthesia and is working more to get significant outcomes.



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