GB Sciences Revealed Results From Pre-clinical Phase Formulations For Parkinson Disease (PD)

GB Sciences has announced results from their pre-clinical study Parkinson’s disease (PD) formulations. These study for these formulations was performed by a researcher from the National Research Council (NRC), Dr. Lee Ellis, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA. The particular formulations by GB Sciences are helpful to reduce the changes in behavior which happens due to loss or deficiency of neurons that produce dopamine, helpful to overcome Parkinson’s disease in the animal models. The final phase of the GB Sciences studies is to test the mechanism of the formulations made by Dr. Lee Ellis. The total costs associated with Parkinson’s disease are nearly 52 billion U.S dollars only in the U.S.

GB Sciences, Inc, a company, is working and making many advanced reforms in the biopharmaceutical research and the cannabinoid-based drugs. The major goal of GB Sciences is to form those formulations which create safe and standardized, cannabinoid therapies that are significant to target many medical conditions in the wellness market and also in the pharmaceutical.

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The Director and the Science officer of both the companies, GB Sciences, and GBS Global Bophirima, Dr. Andrea Small Howard finds that many of the GB Sciences mixtures are effective and helpful to prevent the behavioral changes happens in Parkinson’s Diseases and they were successful in preventing these changes. The experimental results that the GB Sciences gains are helpful, effective and a proof to investigate many new techniques and applications and one of them is US FDA, a new investigational drug application and GB Sciences plans are to insert it firstly in man to take clinical trials in humans as soon as possible but not this year.

When dopamine levels are reduced in the brain, some of the movement disorders take place and one of those disorders is Parkinson’s disease which appears when the dopamine-producing neurons get shorten or reduced. GB Sciences is formulating some Parkinson’s disease (PD) formulations which are helpful to prevent the dopamine-producing neurons and compensate the neurons which get a loss by making the other surviving neurons significant in producing the dopamine to overcome the loss of dopamine-producing neurons.

The GB Sciences studies firstly formulate all the possible ways and then come towards the final phase mechanisms and hypothesize results from these mechanisms.

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The president and the director of GBS Global Bophirima, Inc, Dr. Michael Farley, considers that the appearance of positive results after the final phase mechanisms also makes the cannabinoid-containing complex mixtures useful and effective for the treatment of Parkinson disease. GB Sciences is hopeful to take these formulations in action in the coming year 2020 as soon as possible.

As all the activities and the researches that are conducted by the company are legal and much significant in the formation of many products but the companies forward-looking statements are their beliefs and plans regarding to the future and there is no surety of their success in the future regarding to these forward-looking statements but most probably company will be successful in the future and will take them into action.






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