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The Millennials Put Their Pet’s Health First- New Survey Report

Santa Clara County, California, Putting Fido’s Health first, HealthPocket, a cost-free information source designed for consumers’ help to find medical coverage shared the survey result of millennial health insurance which revealed that 62% of millennials would prefer to take of their pets’s health by taking them to the vet before their own checkup.

HealthPocket is a company, providing a free website, comparing and ranking various health plans for its users. They gather data from government, private sectors and non-profit sources, and confirm the key provision of their consumer’s coverage with their selected health plan. Their website isn’t a health insurance agency; it is a subsidiary of Health Intermediaries Holdings LLC, which is a part of Health Insurance Innovations, Inc.

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Pets are going digital and the pet care industry is growing as millennials have elevated the pet’s health and care. Today’s pet keeper is an informed consumer, more than that in the past. They have the ability to get pet information all the sources other than a vet doctor.

They consider their pets as their family members. Many of them have set up their own Pet Health Saving Accounts. In the past, there were no such facilities. According to a cohort study, the millennials represent about 80 million of the United States population.

According to the results of the survey, millennials loving their pets like the health insurance of their pets, with 89% currently having coverage. Also, 40% of the millennials have even done jobs they weren’t satisfied with just to keep health insurance. When it comes to paying medical expenditures, nearly half of almost 47% said they ask their parents for help. While 54% of them are without health insurance.

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The survey revealed about certain behaviors and found that the majority of millennials rely on technology when it comes to the health of their pets. About 78% said that they first google about the illness before visiting the actual doctor. When they visit the doctor, 63% want to become able to directly text their doctor. Almost 45% want to try telemedicine before making an appointment with their doctors.

Some other important findings:

  • 50% of millennials have already used health insurance’s wellness benefits.
  • 21% of millennials prefer drop-in clinics for the routine medical care of their pets.
  • 44% don’t get an annual physical each year.
  • 44% of them don’t receive an annual physical every year.
  • 26% don’t visit a primary care physician for their yearly regular visit.
  • Only 45% of them go for their annual physical and visit their primary care physician once a year.
  • 51% of millennials are having life insurance.
  • 25% of them are having pet insurance.

The survey outcomes were obtained online through a poll of above thousand people between the ages of 20-35. This online poll was conducted in early December and was evaluated to get representative samples for every state based on their population. Education, race, and health insurance status were not considered in this survey. The +2.7%/-2.7% error limit was estimated across the survey responses.

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The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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