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5 star hotel apologizes after not lending a defibrillator to a man having a heart attack

The Chester Grosvenor, a five-star hotel in Chester, northwest England, has issued a public apology after not lending a defibrillator to a man having a heart attack outside its premises.

The incident took place on Saturday when an elderly man had a heart attack just outside the hotel’s door. The situation was reported by Nathan Roberts who was infuriated by the hotel’s management and made sure he bashed the inn on social media.

Roberts said he came across the old man who clearly looked unwell and was having a heart attack. He rushed into the hotel lobby to ask for the defibrillator but the staff denied his request and said they couldn’t ‘’lend” it.

Roberts later narrated the whole incident in a long Facebook post, in which he labeled the 5-star plaza as ‘disgusting’. He wrote, “I was in the shopping center next to the hotel when I walked past an elderly gentleman who looked unwell. After speaking with the gentleman’s wife and with himself I realized that he was having a heart attack, a member of staff from the shopping center called the emergency services while I went into the hotel to ask for their defibrillator!!”

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He further continued, “Upon asking for their defibrillator I was told that I couldn’t “lend” it. First of all, you don’t lend a defibrillator, you use it to save someone life regardless of who’s property it is if you are unwilling to provide life-saving equipment to someone who needs it then shame on you and I hope that you or a member of your family never find themselves in a situation like this.”

“As for the Grosvenor hotel, I will never stay at your hotel, and I hope people read this and see exactly what the management are like, if you aren’t giving them an extortionate amount of money then they will quite literally let you die and not even bat an eyelid. THIS IS DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!”.

He did, however, manage to borrow one from a nearby hotel and saved the man’s life.

The post immediately went viral and was shared more than 10,000 times. Tweets about the unprofessional behavior of Grosvenor’s management flooded the internet as people bashed the staff for not helping the old man.

The negative publicity leads to the hotel publicly apologizing for its course of action and blamed it on an “internal miscommunication”. They wrote, “The hotel has always made its defibrillator available to the local community when requested, many times over the past year. We apologize unreservedly and we deeply regret that, on this occasion, an internal miscommunication resulted in its use being denied. The defibrillator will continue to be made available for use in all emergency situations.”

About Chester Grosvenor

The Chester Grosvenor Hotel is a 5-star hotel located in Chester, England. The Grade II listed building was built between 1863 – 1865 and is owned by the Duke of Westminster. The long-standing establishment features luxurious rooms along with an on-site restaurant that has been awarded a Michelin star since 1990.


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