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President Trump and his ability to dodge questions about health care records: Why he doesn’t want to talk about them

President Donald Trump recently launched a re-election campaign called “Snowflake Victory” that provides some strong Pro-Trump arguments for winning against the liberals during the holiday season.

@parscale wrote on Twitter, “We know that at Christmas and holiday time, there’s always that liberal snowflake relative who starts an argument and then runs and hides.
This year don’t let them get away with it. Be like @realDonaldTrump and keep winning!”, followed by a link to the site.

The website, snowflakevictory.com, features a series of video clips talking you through some pro-Trump points that can be used to win a debate with your ‘anti-Trump’ relatives. Some of the salient points include details about the following:

  1. The Trump economy is strong
  2. It is important to enforce immigration law and build the wall
  3. Other countries are finally paying their fair share
  4. Trump is improving trade deals
  5. Trump approach to healthcare much better than Dems, who would kill employer-provided healthcare
  6. Trump is expanding his reach to beyond just his base – Women, Latinos & Black support is growing
  7. Trump tax cuts fueled the economy, Dems would raise taxes on everybody by repealing the Trump tax cuts
  8. There was no quid pro quo, Democrats always obsessed with impeachment
  9. Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid from Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor looking into the company where his son worked. That has NOT been debunked.
  10. Big government socialism
  11. Trump is proving it’s possible to have a strong economy and a clean environment at the same time
  12. The U.S. is again a world leader in energy production, but Democrats would eliminate all fossil fuel production under the Green New Deal (means 10 million jobs lost and higher heating and cooling bill).

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However, most of the arguments rely greatly on saying things that aren’t true. For instance, the environment section says, “we have the cleanest air on record”, whereas recent studies have found that air pollution in the U.S. is much worse than before. That’s not completely a fault of Trump’s initiatives, however, his team’s deregulatory initiatives in the pipeline will definitely make things worse.

The document did, however, show that Trump does not want to talk about his health care record. The president’s team always has something to say in favor of his administrative policies, however, the arguments take a 180 degrees turn on health care: Democrats are bad; Medicare-for-all is bad.

According to the website, “Democrats like to squawk a lot about President Trump, Republicans, and healthcare, but the truth is, the 2020 Democrats are the ones who want to strip you of your private, employer-provided health insurance!”.

Moreover, it talks about how Medicare-for-all requires tax increases and argues that public option alternatives “are designed to kill employer-provided health plans too.”

Given the record, over the past three years, Trump’s policies have greatly reduced the number of people who have health insurance and have also degraded the quality of insurance owned by the public.

During his presidency, Trump’s administration has spent months pushing multiple Affordable Care Act to rescind plans which would cost a majority of people their health insurance. The administration is also pursuing a lawsuit that, if successful, would entirely revoke the Affordable Care Act.


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