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Breast Milk Banks in the Bangladesh Close due to the Protest and Criticism by the Religious Clerics

Like blood banks, the breast milk banks work by feeding the malnourished children. Many women choose to donate their breast milk to these breast milk banks that later on supply them to children in need of breast milk. Recently the plan of donated breast milk to feed the deserving children was suspended by a Bangladesh hospital because many Muslim clerics criticized this plan to be a violation of Islamic laws.

The main leadership authority of Bangladesh has yet not given the final decision about the breast milk bank. The usage of the milk to nourish the children had been stopped because according to critics the plan of feeding the children with the breast milk bank breaks the Sharia Law.

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It defines that if two children from different parents feed on the milk from the same mother and then later got married. Because after feeding on the same mother the law does not allow the two of the children to go for marriage as they were like brother and sister.

According to the Gazi Ataur Rahman who is the spokesman of the influential Islamic Andolan Bangladesh pollical party that that marriage becomes illegal between the two-person who were fed from the milk of the same mother.

Ahmed Abdul Kaiyum, another Islamist said that According to Sharia law the breast milk is not allowed to store as a milk bank. This plan of storing the milk as the bank is totally against Islamic law. The Authorities must discuss this serious issue with clerics.

Fariduddin Masoud who is a prominent Islamic cleric gave a conciliatory note that authorities must find out the way and condition about how the Muslim countries store the milk in the milk bank such as Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, and Malaysia.

He further added that the authorities would ponder upon this sensitive issue and will find a proper solution regarding this religious issue.

Majibur Rahman, coordinator of the project said that this month in Dhaka the milk bank was slated to start,  it had been delayed because of the widespread criticism by the clerics.

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According to him, there are strict safeguards rules for the scheme in the hospital set up.  He told a one day after the announcement of the suspension of milk bank that the collection and preservation of the milk are done safely and separately, and a serious record is made in which the donor is mentioned to specify the identities.

Top child specialists had backed the milk bank, saying it was needed to help save child lives as well as aid their growth.

The milk bank was backed by the top child specialists because according to them they can save the lives of many children and it ultimately helping the initial growth of the children.

Muhbubul Haque who is a doctor at Dhaka’s main children hospital gave his opinion by saying that it is essential to save human milk in the bank as it is helping the orphan and ill children in attaining proper nutrition and growth. It is especially important to save the life of the children whose mothers are not available and are being treated in the hospital’s intensive care unit.

He told in an interview that just like in west, Bangladesh needs to store breast milk by establishing the breast milk banks for treating the malnutrition children and it will give them a better quality of life.


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