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Chinese Medical Student Tried to Smuggle Cancer Research Material From U.S. Boston Hospital Caught at Airport 

Boston – U.S. authorities report that a medical student from china tried to smuggle the cancer research material from the Boston Hospital. He has been held without bail. The judge said that he was a flight risk. A 29 years old Chinese student, Zaosong Zheng who earned a U.S. student visa last year sponsored by Harvard University, was arrested on a charge of giving false statements at Boston’s Logan Airport and appeared in the U.S. District Court on Monday in Boston.

Magistrate Judge David Hennessy said that the evidence suggested Zaosong Zheng tried to smuggle the cancer research specimens, 21 vials, wrapped in a plastic bag and hidden in a pair of socks in his suitcase, he was taking to China and approved that prosecution’s request for holding him without bail.

The authorities allege that he stole the specimen materials from the lab he was working at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a world-class teaching hospital affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

According to the court documents, Zheng told authorities that some of the vials contained the work of his colleague, he replicated without the knowledge of lab and any authority.

The FBI agent, Kara Spice claimed in an affidavit included in the court documents that according to 15 years of her experiment as an agent he was possibly working on behalf of the Chinese government. His appointment with Beth was not an accident. He was knowingly collecting and gathering information and intellectual property from Beth Israel.

Spice wrote that the roommate of Zheng, Jialin Li, who was an admitted cadet in the People’s Liberation Army of China and also working in the Beth Israel lab, knew about two other Chinese national students who had smuggled cells from the lab. One other was a visa holder sponsored by the Harvard.

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The federal public defender of Zheng declined to pass any comment when question by the Boston Herald outside the court. A voicemail was shared with the defense attorney. Chinese embassy officials have not reached for any comment.

Harvard officials told the Boston Globe that the educational exchange visa of Zheng has been officially canceled.

Hennessy said that the defendant’s conduct shows a breach of faith commitment to Harvard and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre. It is such a disgrace on them caused by the defendant. He noted Zheng’s monthly stipend of $2,000 from the Chinese government running China Scholarship Council. He shared the report of agents that showed that the Chinese government uses postgraduate students and researchers or professionals in the field of technology, science, engineering and technology to steal intellectual information and properties from the United States.

A spokeswoman shared that the Harvard –affiliated teaching hospital, Beth Israel has already expelled Zheng and is now cooperating with the authorities.

Jennifer Kritz said that they are extremely proud of the depth and breadth of their cancer research programs, any efforts compromising research undermine the struggle and hard work of their staff and faculty to advance patient care.

The investigation is still ongoing and more charges are also possible, as said by the prosecutors.



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