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Health Is The Major Concern Of U.S Military Veterans, Says New Study

A study by Veterans Affairs researchers shows that the veterans are more concerned about their health after separating from the US military. They were more satisfied with the time they spent while serving in the US military. Many of the veterans faced two conditions after separating from the US military that was chronic mental health conditions and chronic physical health conditions.

Dr. Dawne Vogt of the Boston University and VA Boston Healthcare System finds that it is not yet clear is whether those veterans with wellbeing conditions which were all the more usually experienced by sent veterans keep on keeping up significant levels of prosperity in other life areas after some time. And it is entrenched that medical issues can disintegrate working in other life areas, it might be that these people experience decreases in their more extensive prosperity after some time.

This research is published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine on January 2nd, 2019. 

Researchers found that it’s difficult for the veterans to adjust in the civilian life after separating from military services. Every year about two lace people get separated from US military and they face many challenges in the early period after separating from military services. The biggest challenge they were facing was related to their health conditions. More than fifty percent of veterans had chronic physical health conditions and half of the fifty percent were found with chronic mental health problems.

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Most of the veterans were reported with anxiety, sleep problems, chronic pain, and depression. The appearance of these conditions reduced veterans’ satisfaction with their health.

The veterans were more satisfied with their health and their work when they were performing duties in the US military. Vogt found the reason for their high satisfaction level that features the flexibility of the veteran populace, and ought to give some consolation to those worried about the prosperity of recently isolated veterans.

Veterans who faced the war zone were more concerned about their health than those who didn’t face it. Different behaviors were found in the veterans after their separation from military services, some of them showed normal behavior and they were in contact with their all friends and family members, many of them were highly satisfied with their work, and the others who were concerned for their health were facing problems in their work functioning.

Both male and female veterans had health concerns after separation at both time points of three months and nine months. The male veterans were found with high blood pressure, high cholesterol and hearing problems while the female veterans were found with chronic mental health conditions.

The researchers thought to share their work with a program that is helpful to take out the veterans back to their civilian life. The program is VA Transition Assistance Program (TAP). This program is associated with different departments that are departments of Defence and Labour, the U.S Office of Personnel Management, Homeland Security, and the U.S Small Business Administration. Vogt recommends that perhaps we don’t require as a lot of spotlight on advancing business at present, and need more accentuation on the treatment of mental/physical wellbeing conditions. The veterans should be supported to prevent their concerns from becoming chronic.

Henry M. Jackson Foundation managed the whole research for the development of military medicine. The foundation research work was supported by many research institutions that are the Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Health Net Federal Services, Lockheed Martin, the Wounded Warrior Project, the National Endowment for the Humanities and VA Health Services Research and Development.


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