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Latest Study Opens New Ways To Use Chemotherapy For Treating Testicular Cancer With our Recurrence

Recurring testicular cancer is probably the biggest fear of every testicular cancer survivor. Unfortunately treating cancer doesn’t mean that it can never come back but this new study suggests that the amount of chemotherapy may help to prevent this recurrence.

The new study shows if the amount of chemotherapy is reduced to half the cancer cells can be killed without any long term side effects. The 111 trial that is run by the Institute of Cancer Research, London, and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust has just started to change clinical work on, decreasing the number of medical clinic confirmations, and bringing down the expenses of treatment. About 250 people are under treatments that have a high risk of testicular cancer’s recurrence even after surgery.

This study is published in the journal European Urology and is available online to view.

Testicular cancer’s recurrence can be controlled if two chemotherapy treatment cycles are used to destroy the cancer cells that appeared in the cancer patients even after surgery or give three cycles of chemotherapy treatment if testicular cancer comes back not only cancer cells. Three-week cycles of chemotherapy are the combination of three drugs bleomycin, platinum agent cisplatin and etoposide known as BEP. Chemotherapy is effective as it increases the survival rate of cancer patients but at the same time, it creates many side effects that are seen for many decades.

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Researchers found that one cycle of chemotherapy treatment is more effective with one or more short side effects. There may also have long side effects but not much as were found in two or three cycle chemotherapy treatment.

Professor of Urological Cancer, Robbert Huddart, finds that two-cycle chemotherapy is used to treat the patients of testicular cancer who are at high risk of disease but the new study shows that one cycle is enough to stop the cancer cells from growing or from coming back with fewer side effects. If the chemotherapy treatments are reduced not only the quality of patients’ life can be improved with fewer side effects but also the cost of testicular cancer treatment can be reduced.

The Deputy Director of the Clinical Trials and Statistics Unit at The Institute of Cancer Research, Emma Hall considers that it is necessary to prevent the long term side effects of chemotherapy. For this purpose, the dosage of chemotherapy can be reduced or a balanced dosage can be given that is not only effective but also helpful in preventing long term side effects. The one cycle chemotherapy treatments are a cheaper and shorter treatment method.

Martin Ledwick finds that it’s more important and beneficial to provide cheap and good quality treatment to the patients. He considers that not only the survival of cancer patients with long term side effects is necessary but also healthy and pleasant life.

This current study is helpful in a way that it opens new ways to use chemotherapy cycles for permanently treating cancer. It also recommends reducing the dosage of chemotherapy that saves from long term side effects that are usually very severe. More studies in this regard may help to understand if the same can help in other types of cancer or not. If proven, there might be no need for multiple chemotherapy sessions in the near future.





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