The Latest Technology Innovations by Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness announced the new development of new technology which will help to increased personalization, encouragement and motivation for people to live a vibrant and longer life. Orange fitness has recently created the latest device for members to use Apple Watch for tracking heart rate and pulse rate data during workouts along with the iOS apps for sales associates and coaches to enhance the experience of members both in and outside of the studio.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Orangetheory Fitness, Dave Long said that since the inception of the brand, the experience of members has been at the forefront of all that they are doing. They are addressing the unmet needs of their members by providing the link between their workouts and the technology they are using which will lead to a smooth fitness experience and a healthier life.

The senior director of Fitness for health technologies, Jay Blahnik said that Apple Watch is designed for helping people to live a better and more active lifestyle. He added that with tracking a workout, Apple pay and the latest membership program, the Orangetherapy Fitness is making Apple Watch a comprehensive experience for its customers.

As a part of the company’s latest technology debut, they have created a version of the Orangetheory Fitness app for Apple Watch for accompanying OTbeat Link.

The OTbeat Link is a recent, small custom-designed device that is worn on the Apple Watch band that will enable members to sync their watches directly with the Orangetheory Fitness in-studio for monitoring heart rate. The most common demand was to use Apple Watch in class.

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Now the members are not only able to see a metric in realtime in class but also be able to watch their workouts later in the Activity app. The Orangetheory fitness workouts contribute to closing Apple Watch Activity alerts.

The Premier+ memberships are currently available in Soho and Astor Place and will expand to other locations in Q2 2020.

For streamlining elements of experience in-studio and to provide smooth interactions between members, staff, and coaches, the Orangetheory Fitness has developed two latest apps: OTcoach and OTassist. The OTassist app will allow sales associates of Orangetheroy to navigate class schedules easily, see member milestones and check-in members for the new class, a tailored experience which is also diskless and paperless.

The OTcoach will empower the coaches for providing members customized attention by letting the coaches lead class aspects more successfully by using Apple Watch. It will allow coaches to spend 10 times more time with their members.

Orangetheory Fitness is one of the world’s fastest-growing fitness brands and the leader in heart rate training. It is focused to provide more energy, more drive, and better health to its members by using a unique science trifecta, technology ad coaching. Each class is an hour long and is taught by extremely trained coach providing the technology-tracked, science-backed, full-body workout helping members to evaluate the heart rate to the “Orange Zone”

Every studio has treadmills, mini bands, water rowing machines, and TRX suspension units and also plenty of free benches and weights. Customized group sessions consisting of 24 participants are being conducted by the coaches assisted by technology advancements. The Orangetheory Fitness advances its aims by providing members with better tools for recording real-time performance data, evaluating their overall workout results and setting new goals.



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