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New AI Technology Can Detect Breast Cancer in Its Early Stages

A hospital in Wyoming, Michigan, has presented the latest artificial intelligence (AI) technology that is capable of diagnosing patients who are at the early stages of breast cancer.

After skin cancer, breast cancer is found to be more common than other types of cancer. It is caused by an uncontrolled division of cells in the breast area that is often observed as a lump formation and detected by breast X-rays, also called as mammography.

Though breast cancer is usually reported in females, rarely it can also affect the male population.

Detecting any cancer in its early stages can help to improve its prognosis. Similarly, early detection of breast cancer can lead to better survival rates and a decrease in the number of deaths caused by this disease.

In Metro Health – University of Michigan Health, radiologists have been assigned with the difficult task of examining a large number of scans on a daily basis for cancer detection. That gets more difficult and impossible when it comes to the breast cancer diagnosis.

In the case of breast cancer, for each patient, radiologists have to do a hectic job of examining nearly four hundred images. The new emerging artificial intelligence technology can facilitate them regarding this matter.

The aim of this technology is to identify the specific areas that are of major concern when it comes to cancer risk. Mark R. Traill, MD, has a specialization in Breast Imaging and Radiology. He is working as a radiologist at Metro Health, Wyoming.

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According to him, a few of these abnormalities in the breast are quite difficult to observe. One day these abnormalities may be noticeable, and the next day, they are not. Dr Trial has worked for years in order to identify tiniest details that are provided by mammograms.

Dr Triall stated that reading (interpreting) mammograms is quite a stressful job. He always gets worried about whether he has observed what needs to be interpreted after visualization of hundreds and thousands of images.

During September 2019, Dr Triall used this new artificial intelligence technology to observe Gwennan Engen’s scan for detection of breast cancer. Engen was more than shocked by the outcome when mammogram and other tests suggested that she has been suffering from stage 1 breast cancer.

In Engen’s situation, the abnormal area in the breast was encircled by this novel AI technology, indicating 56 percent of cancer risk in that area. Use of this artificial intelligence technology along with a doctor’s observation, can facilitate in the diagnosis of breast cancer in its early stages that isn’t possible otherwise.

Use of this novel technology in the field of radiology helps radiologist in better and early detection of breast cancer, said Dr Triall. Among the hospitals in West Michigan, Metro Health is the only one that is offering this technology to its patients.

A study presented by RSNA (Radiological Society of North America) has proved that AI technology is capable of improving the rate of cancer detection by 8 percent.

However, this technology is only helpful in the case of 3D mammograms.


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