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The American Optometric Association Takes an Initiative to Make Eye Exam A Priority in 2020

This year, the American Optometric Association (AOA) is going to take the initiative for making eye exam a priority. The association consists of over 30,000 Doctors of Optometry and works to promote health and quality care for the nation.

To promote vision care and prioritize eye health throughout the nation, the AOA has publicized the launch of its Eye Exam campaign in 2020. This awareness campaign highlights the significance of an annual and thorough eye examination facilitated by the American Optometric Association’s Doctor of Optometry.

The association aims to provide awareness and make people realize the worth of annual eye examinations. Barbara L. Horn is a Doctor of Optometry and president of American Optometric Association. According to him, the annual eye exam is the easiest step for protecting eye vision and overall health of an individual.

He also said that AOA is going to work along with its partners, paraoptometrics, and Doctors of Optometry to achieve its goal of prioritizing thorough eye exams in 2020.

The problems related to vision mostly appear without the occurrence of any apparent signs and symptoms. Glaucoma is one of the major reason behind blindness (visual disease). Doctors of Optometry can identify signs and symptoms of such visual diseases at an early stage via annual and in-person eye examinations.

Such eye exams can not only detect issues regarding eye health but also facilitates Doctors of Optometry in promoting or improving overall health. Annual eye exams can do so by identifying over 270 serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, cancers, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.

Early detection leads to better prognosis. Similar to various systemic diseases, early detection of most eye-related diseases permits treatment before the occurrence of any harmful effects.

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Early diagnosis allows Doctors of Optometry to guide patients and their family members about the needed prevention strategies or the steps required in official diagnosis and disease management. For example, in 2018, early disease management was made possible when 301,000 people with signs of diabetes were diagnosed by Doctors of Optometry during such eye exams.

According to the findings of a study, eye diseases add nearly 139 billion U.S. dollars to the economic burden. Whereas, there are almost 16 million Americans that are facing the problems of untreated or undetected eye health and vision problems.

AOA’s 2020 campaign will play its role in tackling this problem affecting public health by raising awareness and making people understand the role of Doctors of Optometry in preserving the health and wellness of the American population.

Through the American Optometric Association 2020EyeExam Employer Pledge, the association will be further extending the range of its message regarding annual and in-person eye exams.

The association is signing employers throughout the country who will aid in increasing the employee’s knowledge about the significance of thorough eye examinations. Up till now, over 36 organizations and companies have signed, conveying the campaign’s message to over 300,000 employees and their family members.

This campaign will perform its function via a series of initiatives using traditional, digital, and social media. It will work by increasing participation of the greater public, patients, health care providers, and elected officials.


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