A cutting edge Spinal Surgery Technique in market

Recently, an article published in the International Journal of Spine Surgery discussed a new spinal surgery technique based on the previous Dreal Technology by Carevature Medical. The operation is suggested to follow a ‘Modified Transforaminal Thoracic Interbody Fusion Approach’ which will be more effective compared to traditional procedures.

Primarily used for posterior unilateral thoracic discectomy, the surgery will be assisted by Dreal – “a novel, curved, shielded, high-speed device”. The procedure will include introducing Dreal via a vein to the dural sac to remove ‘calcified and soft disc fragments’.

The advanced technique will be less reliable on manual power along with being less invasive, leading to a “safer treatment for thoracic disc herniations, reducing complication rates and improving patient outcome.

According to the article, the technique was invented by an extremely qualified neurosurgeon, Ely Ashkenazi, currently working at the Assuta Medical Center in Israel. The technique was developed over a period of 5 years and is now a standard for the treatment of such “pathologies in transforaminal thoracic interbody fusion procedures (TTIF) as well as n more common transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion procedures (TLIF)”.

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Michael Millgram, lead author of the article and an orthopedic spin surgeon, said, “The Dreal® curved high-speed drill has proved a valuable addition to my clinical practice. It allows quick and thorough evacuation of disc material in TLIF procedures providing a large clean bony surface for fusion while reducing operating time. My impression is that TLIF procedures performed with the Dreal® exhibit a considerably more robust anterior fusion than those procedures where disc space preparation was performed in the standard manual manner.

According to Carevature Medical Inc.’s President, Dennis Farrell, “This article presents one example of how Carevature technology has the potential to reduce the morbidity associated with spinal procedures. Our company is laser focused on improving outcomes through novel technology which is designed to safely, efficiently, and effectively remove pathology while retaining structural anatomy and minimizing the collateral damage often associated with spine surgery. We are committed to modernizing the tools that are available for decompression, many of which have not changed in decades. Carevature continues to research, develop, and launch solutions that advance the art of the decompression through our family of sterile packed, single-use, curved at the tip, shielded, and high speed bone cutting technology, and are looking forward to additional publications that share the benefits of our growing experience in cervical (ACDF, ACCF, and foraminotomy) and lumbar (foraminotomy, osteophyte removal) procedures.

About Carevature Medical Inc.

Founded in 2011, Carevature Medical Inc. is a medical device company that works for developing smart tools and procedures for orthopedic surgery. It has facilitated surgeons in more than 1500 procedures – fusion or else. Headquartered in Rehovot, Israel, the company is currently working with medical agencies and surgeons across U.S. including ‘Chicago, Boston, Dallas, southern California, Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida’.

The proposed techniques by the company are less invasive and try to “minimize trauma, resulting in long-lasting improved patient outcomes”.


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