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New Digital Interactive Tool Launched by Vivacare For better Doctor-Patient relationship

Vivacare, a digital health company, recently announced the launch of its latest service, an online platform for the professionals to showcase their skills and dexterity.

The newly launched service will enable medical professionals to help patients in their appointments along with providing guidance for home-based care.

The revolutionary service functions by allowing medical professionals to set up their online professional profile; where they can list their expertise, the conditions that they treat, the procedures that they offer and other general tips and advice.

This free service has paved the way for the physicians and nurse practitioners to connect with the patients online. They would be able to deliver educational resources for the patients as well as easily reach and support them.

Furthermore, the service would have a ‘patient-friendly user interface’ and would be completely advertisement free. It would also allow medical professionals to completely take control of their online profile.

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Along with the professional profiles of the physicians, the platform includes a “Patient Care Toolkit”. This toolkit would contain numerous educational contents for the patients, mainly to ameliorate and upgrade “clinical care and patient satisfaction”.

It would contain learning guides, informational videos, easy to read printable handouts and support tools for the patients. These resources will be customizable by the doctors to make sure it represents their approach and subspecialty.

The Patient Care Toolkit would be available to the patients via the application on their mobile phone. It can also be accessed through the doctor’s own website.

For instance, if a dermatologist decides to make use of the service, he will be able to create a profile that showcases his ‘expertise in performing cosmetic procedures or display videos that prepare patients for their Mohs surgery procedure’.

Likewise, for an allergist, the expertise might include his asthma-related experiences, “resources that help patients manage their asthma, such as videos on how-to-use an inhaler, an Asthma Diary, and asthma medication rebates.”

This service will help medical professionals strengthen their voice online and deliver their expertise in a more efficient manner. It would lead to more beneficial interactions between the patient and the professional while making it easier for the patients to get information from their most trusted doctors.

According to Dr. Mark Becker, pediatrician, founder, and CEO of Vivacare “Physicians recognize the importance of reaching their patients online but find it difficult to do so in a manner that properly reflects their professionalism, and provides a meaningful benefit to their patients.

Vivacare’s goal is to make it easy for professionals to share their expertise and build a strong online presence while delivering content and tools that support their patients.”

About VivaCare

Vivacare is a digital health firm that is based in Berkeley, California, that provides innovative healthcare services to different clinics and medical centers.

It has partnered with numerous professional organizations that help sponsor the disease education programs. These include the Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants, National Rosacea Society, the Allergy & Asthma Network and other disease advocacy groups. They also work with firms that work on delivering patient-oriented resources.


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