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Pizza demand has increased by 32% over the last 10 years

There’s no doubt that pizza is one of the most loved foods globally. Whether its pineapple pizza or margherita, stuffed crust or deep pan, it is highly unlikely that there isn’t one for you. In today’s world, where there are hundreds of viable options for food, pizza consumption has shown the largest increase in the past decade.

According to Suzanne Fanning, ‘Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese and Senior Vice President at Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin’, “When you have a pizza, you have an instant party. Don’t be held to tradition—you can create a culinary masterpiece when you mix, match and grate artisan cheese on your pizza. Chefs and consumers all over the country know the many delicious cheeses from Wisconsin can take an ordinary pizza to new levels. Try adding truffle gouda, feta, alpine, gorgonzola—the possibilities are endless.”

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In the last 10 years, pizza consumption has increased by a staggering 32%. In Unites States alone, an estimated 3 billion pizzas are sold every year, with the number of slices sold every second being 350. The annual pizza sales in the U.S. contribute $338 billion worth of revenues to the food industry.

Pizza parties are common all over the world. The latest issue of an online magazine, Grate.Pair.Share. gives a detailed guide for arranging pizza parties at your house, with numerous recipes and entertainment ideas. “The top three tips to elevate your pizza party are to prep ingredients in advance, shred your own cheese and create a custom cheese blend. The best pizza cheese blends include at least one cheese for meltability combined with one or more full-flavored cheeses.”

Cheese pull is also phenomenon appreciated by many. It can be achieved by using an “excellent melting cheese such as whole milk or part-skim mozzarella, Monterey jack or fontina.” Mozzarella, however, is the most common choice, however, the options are limitless. For example, “From creamy muenster to soft, fresh ricotta, and even full-bodied brick, there are so many different cheeses you can use to craft a killer pizza”.

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Facts about Pizzas

  1. One in six males aged 2 to 39 eat pizza for breakfast, lunch or dinner on any given day
  2. 7 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed every year in the U.S. just from pizzas
  3. There are 9,000 pizzerias in New York State and 70,000 in the US
  4. 93 percent of Americans consume at least one slice of pizza per month
  5. Average American eats over 23 pounds of pizza a year
  6. Eating pizza once a week reportedly reduces the risk of oesophageal cancer
  7. There are more than 34 million ways to create a single pizza from Domino’s
  8. Domino’s pizza delivers more than 1 million pizzas a day worldwide
  9. The Super Bowl is the most popular pizza day of the year. 70% of those who watch the NFL Championship will eat at least one slice of pizza during the game.
  10. That’s the number of pizza slices that the average American is going to eat over the course of the next 12 months.

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