Not slowing down, Coronavirus Takes 1,900 lives in China

Earlier this week, the World Health Organization has openly praised and supported China for following the drastic control steps against coronavirus. The death toll has hit 1900 and more than 72,000 people are infected in China. But Chinese officials and internal experts both seem to calm the international community which seems highly concerned and worried about this outbreak.

The coronavirus cases are now spread to 25 countries. However, this number is much lower than in China, which is an epicenter of this disease.  The epidemic has caused a panic-purchase of face mask and personal hygiene products in all nearby countries leading to a shortage of this equipment.

This outbreak has clearly made a dent in Chinese booming economy by making it paralyzed. Major companies like Apple and BHP have shown concerns over their business setups in China. Many countries including the US, UK, France have put a traveling ban on their citizens to visit China. Some leading airplane companies have completely shut their flight schedules to China.

Experts say that nearly 56 million people are at risk as Hubei’s capital city, Wuhan is under an unforeseen lockdown. Many other countries that are far away from Wuhan have also put traveling restrictions on their citizens.

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The death toll of coronavirus has crossed 1,868 yesterday when 98 more people died. Most of these cases are reported in Wuhan and nearby areas.  Director at Wuchang Hospital, Wuhan Dr. Liu Zhiming was one of the latest victims of this deadly virus. Not only the public but the doctors who are treating them are also at a risk.

At the start of this month, Dr. Li Wenliang from Wuhan suffered from public anger and has even been punished by the relevant authorities for not alerting about the virus in December, when it emerged first.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, chief of the World Health Organization (WHO) shared his caution that it would be untimely and impossible to tell if the coronavirus outbreak would end or not.

While the death toll is increasing every day, a study on 72,000 coronaviruses confirmed cases showed that 81% of these people were only hit by the mild infection. However, the risk is significantly higher for elderly patients, children, and people with underlying health problems.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention of China has released a study on coronavirus spread that shows the death rate to be 2.3% and only falling by 1% for people who are in their middle ages.

Zhong Nanshan is a medical expert at the National Health Commission China. He shares that almost 85% of patients can get complete recovery from the virus only “if they have good life support, treatment conditions, and nutrients”.

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More than 56 million people in central Hubei are currently under quarantine in China and it has almost separated the province from the entire country. WHO says that this infection is “less deadly” by other similar infections such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). Despite looking similar, coronavirus has a higher death rate than flu which is a pandemic in the USA every year.

Michael Ryan is the head of the WHO’s health emergency program. He says that this outbreak is serious and couldn’t be ignored. However, its incidence outside the province is very very low.

The fear of coronavirus has continued to maintain itself and major Chinese cities, as well as popular international holiday destinations, are receiving a limited number of visitors.



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