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Why Do You I Have Hair on Chin and Neck?

Hairs are a natural part of the human body and hair growth varies in every person just like skin color and eye color. Some people have more hair on their bodies while others have less. This also applies to facial hair especially hair on chin and neck. But for these two areas, genetics and hormonal health play a vital role.

It is normal to see a few hairs on chin and neck while sometimes this growth is increased and it becomes irritating to see these facial hairs every other day.  This increased growth of hair on chin and neck represents an underline medical condition. Here is everything to know about these unwanted facial hairs.

Why do women have chin and neck hair?

Like the whole body, the hair follicles are also present under the neck and chin skin. There are two basic types of hair follicles.

  • vellus hair (the fuzzy hair)
  •  terminal hair (long and thicker hair)

Typically, a hormone called testosterone is responsible for hair growth in both males and females. But it is more famous as the men’s hormone although it is present in both. Women just have low levels of testosterone than men and problems arise when this level is increased.

Any changes in testosterone levels affect hair growth by activating the receptors in hair. This process is natural and it takes place when a person hits puberty. In women, any changes in hair growth are affected by hormonal changes that start from reaching puberty and take all the way to pregnancy, menopause, etc.

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What does chin hair represent?

Almost all women have hair on the face including the chin. But some of them have more terminal hair on chin and neck areas which could be due to genetics or simply an age factor.  Research on women shows that women from different races have different testosterone (androgen) levels at hence the variable body and facial hair growth pattern.

In addition to that, hair follicle distribution and growth are different in every person so the rate of hair growth is also different. That is why it is common to see randomly growing hair at chin and neck, which most of the time are perfectly normal.

When to worry about chin hair?

While a little fuzzy hair on the chin is normal, excessive hair growth may represent a medical condition. For most of the women, this condition is “hirsutism” which is common in women from Asia, the Middle East, and Mediterranean countries. In this condition, the growth rate, structure, color, and thickness altogether different from the standard hair structure and growth. Most of the time, the thick and rapidly growing hair on the chin and neck area due to the overproduction of androgens (testosterone).

When the facial hair growth pattern suddenly changes, it means that the body is trying to warn about a possible hormonal balance. Also, this increased hair growth could be a side effect of any medicine such as anabolic steroids.

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When should you see a doctor?

Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if you find an unusual growth of hair on chin and neck or other body parts. Try to look for other symptoms such as sudden weight gain or weight loss, changes in menstruation, thinning or hair, hair loss, acne, etc. Discuss all these with your doctor and based on his diagnosis, the excessive hair growth on chin and neck could be reduced.


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