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WHO is Encouraging People to Pay via Digital Currency to Avoid Coronavirus Spread

The medical experts are currently studying the newly identified coronavirus and its spread, CDC has published general precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus. While these guidelines include not touching surfaces and objects in public in order to limit the transmission or virus, they have forgotten one thing. Currency notes are by far the most “touched” object that can possibly transmit a number of microbes including the novel coronavirus.  Have you ever thought that a bill that you are handing over or receiving might carry coronavirus?

The chances to this are high which is why The World Health Organization (WHO) is now encouraging people to use the digital payment options and avoid paying via cash. Although this is not a direct means of transmitting the infection that typically includes coughing and sneezing. But these viruses are able to live and survive on surfaces for days. Coronavirus could live on a currency note as well as on a coin.

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US dollar, for example, is made of fabric and paper, this combination is relatively harder for the viruses to adhere yet there is always a risk. That is why The World Health Organization emphasizes not to take chances when it comes to health.

An official of The World Health Organization (WHO) told media; “We know that money changes hands frequently and can pick up all sorts of bacteria and viruses and things like that.”

And “We would advise people to wash their hands after handling banknotes and avoid touching their faces.”

The World Health Organization has not openly stated that money bills carry coronavirus, it’s just that it could be an ignored thing that might aid in such large scale spread of this virus. WHO said that; ” it is advisable to use contactless payments to reduce the risk of transmission.” It didn’t say currency notes are the primary cause of coronavirus spread. Currently, there are no comments from any official from the World Health Organization to explain this more.

In general, viruses are smart which makes them difficult to handle. But if we reduce the direct interaction with the viruses, people would be less likely to get infected. So cutting back on using something that could possibly transmit it to a number of people like money bill doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

A money bill might travel among the hands of dozens of people within a week. There could be people who are already infected which leaves this virus on notes. The next person to receive or hold these notes is much likely to contact the viruses and if by chance he happens to touch his face, that’s how the infection initiates.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds it possible for the coronavirus to be transmitted by touching any surface that carries it. These surfaces also include fragile surfaces like money bills but the virus will only infect a person if it gets into the nose or mouth and eventually in the body.

After this new transmission mode was highlighted, the Chinese banks are cleaning the money bills to make them free of coronavirus before it is handed over to the public. The government website has announced that Chinese banks would be sterilizing the money bills through ultraviolet rays to remove all chances of coronavirus on them.

There is no news from any other government in this regard.




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