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21-Day Weight Loss Plan with Walk

If you are struggling with weight loss, here is something that could help you. Galina Denzel is a certified personal trainer who has designed this 21-day weight loss plan with walking for beginners. So weight loss is no more difficult and impossible, even a simple exercise like daily walk could do wonders for your weight and overall health.

Here is a plan, designed and verified by the experts to shed the extra weight this year.

First week

  • 1st day- start with checking your weight on day one. This day is the entry into “endurance week” which would prepare the body for a transformation. On day one, only five minutes of walk in the morning is enough, repeat the same in the evening too.
  • 2nd day– increase the time from five minutes to seven minutes of walk in the morning as well as the evening.
  • 3rd day- the walking time should increase on the third day to nine minutes twice a day.
  • 4th day- on this day, slightly increase the time from nine to ten minutes of walk in the morning and evening.
  • 5th day- increase the time to two minutes more, making 12 minutes of walk in the morning and evening.
  • 6th day- started from five minutes, on this day the time for a walk is increased to 15 minutes.
  • 7th day- this is the last day of the first week, which ends up with 18 minutes of walk in the morning and evening.

On this level, the user is all set to enter into phase two of this weight loss plan. If someone wants, he can check his weight empty stomach in the morning and record it.

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Second week 

  • 8th day- in the second week, the strategy is changed a little.  Start with two minutes of the walk as a warm-up, then follow up with ten minutes of fast walk or brisk walk, and at the end, two minutes’ walk of cooling the body.
  • 9th day- follow twenty minutes of walk at a moderate speed.
  • 10th day– increase the time from two to five minutes of warm-up walk, then twelve minutes of fast walk and another five minutes of slow cooling down walk.
  • 11th day- again, ten minutes of walk on normal speed.
  • 12th day- start with five minutes normal walk for warm-up. Catch up with 15 minutes of the fast walk which makes you all sweaty. End with another five minutes of cooling down walk.
  • 13th day- spend twenty minutes of normal speed walk on this day.
  • 14th day- on the last day of the second week, spend five minutes of the walk as warmup and 18 minutes of a fast walk. End up with five minutes normal walk again.

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Third week 

  • 15th day- the third week is the strength-building period where the body is shaken up and the fat melting process is accelerated. Start with ten minutes of going upstairs and downstairs as a warm-up and two minutes of a normal walk. That’s all for this day.
  • 16th day- Like the second week, spend 20 minutes in moderate speed walk today.
  • 17th day- Continue the upstairs and downstairs activity for 12 minutes and end with two minutes of moderate walk.
  • 18th day- this day is different as you start with 25 minutes of normal walking and then a little activity. Do 12 squats in a row, twice. It makes 24 squats in total.
  • 19th day- start with 20 minutes of staircase activity and 3 minutes cooling down walk.
  • 20th day- spend 25 minutes on a regular, moderate speed walk.
  • 21st day- this is the last day of this plan, end it with 20 minutes of walk on a fast speed and end with 3 minutes of normal walk to relax your body. Check your weight on day 22 and surprise yourself.

Walking is a super easy and convenient way to lose weight. If carefully planned, this could also make a person lose weight. And if you combine it with healthy, moderate eating, the weight loss is even faster. Some sources suggest that 20 minutes daily walk walking can lose up to 7 pounds of fat every year.

Even if you don’t want to lose weight, a daily walk would boost your health and maintain the weight for long. This 21-day weight loss plan is designed by a renowned professional so there is no question on its authenticity. You can also change it as per individual liking or interest and see how it helps you to achieve your health goals.



Areeba Hussain

The author is a fulltime medical and healthcare writer. She graduated in Medical Microbiology and Immunology with distinction. Her areas of prime interest are medicine, medical technology, disease awareness, and research analysis. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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