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First-ever Coronavirus Vaccine Tested on Volunteers

The first-ever human study trial of coronavirus vaccine has been performed on a US volunteer today. This trial is first in the series to be tested against the recently emerged coronavirus (COVID-19) infection.

Emerged from Wuhan city of Hubei province China, this virus has now spread to more than 140 countries and infected over 100,000 people worldwide. As the virus started acting deadly, the research teams and biotech organizations from different countries started to study this new virus, in order to develop its vaccine.

It is worth mentioning here that coronavirus has emerged for the first time in human history and it doesn’t have any medicine or vaccine that could help to prevent its spread. However, this first vaccine that is currently under human trials could be a game-changer.

As a part of these current trials, four volunteers from the US have received this vaccine. This study is being conducted and supported by the Kaiser Permanente research facility located in Seattle, Washington.

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The researchers shared in their press statement that this vaccine can not initiate coronavirus on its own. They further explained that it has mild and otherwise a harmless genetic code that is copied from the original, potent coronavirus particle.

Despite the trials have started it doesn’t mean that vaccines would be here anytime soon. Medical experts believe that it would take a few months to see if the coronavirus vaccine injected in these volunteers have actually helped or not.

The first of these volunteers was a 43- years old woman who is the mother of two and from Seattle. She added her remarks saying that it could be an amazing help from her side to control this virus.

This is not the only vaccine development facility working to find control over coronavirus. There are many other companies and research centers that are working on coronavirus vaccine. But this is the first trial that is supported and funded by the U.S.’s National Institutes of Health (NIH) to know if this vaccine could be used to trigger an active immune response in humans or not.

This vaccine is developed by a biotech company called “Moderna Therapeutics”.

Dr. John Tregoning, is a medical expert from Imperial College London, UK. He says that this new coronavirus vaccine is based on an already existing technology. He says this vaccine production is using a high-quality standard and protocols that make sure it is safe for humans.

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He said the virus is spreading fast, so we need a faster mechanism to help control it. this is against the virus and no other researchers, it is for a better future for humanity.

Normally, the vaccines are made by the weakened, killed or attenuated virus particles. This new mRNA-1273 vaccine is somehow not developed from the weakened, killed or attenuated coronavirus particles.  Rather it is made by a short genetic sequence that matches the virus but is artificially made in laboratory by the researchers.

Hopefully, this new vaccine would help the immune system to fight against coronavirus naturally. All these volunteers who participated in this coronavirus vaccine trials are being tested with different dosages of the vaccine. Every one of these would be injected twice, with an interval of 28 days in between. Even if this experimental coronavirus vaccine passes all safety tests, it would still take nearly 18 months to commercially launch for public usage.



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