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Horrors of Coronavirus Pandemic Continue Killing 10,000 People Worldwide

Coronavirus emerged from China in Dec 2019 and within a few months, it has spread to over a hundred countries, leaving more than 100,000 people infected and thousands of deaths. Who knew that apparently mild-looking virus could take so many lives within a few months. As the coronavirus cases keep on increasing, the US has warned all its citizens to avoid traveling anywhere while letting the virus slow down as it has killed 10,000 people already.

On the other hand, Wuhan city of China, where this outbreak started has reported some progressive news reporting no new positive case in two days. In these two days, only 39 new patients reported having coronavirus and all of them brought the virus from abroad and not locally infected.

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Italy is currently going through the worst phase of coronavirus pandemic where hundreds of people are being reported daily. Red Cross China is currently leading an aid mission to Milan, emphasizing Italians to consider a national emergency lockdown serious.

It has even crossed china in deaths caused by the coronavirus. Experts believe the reported cases are only that made to the hospital and there could be so many unreported deaths too. Earlier, Iran blamed the US for its internal chaos caused by coronavirus as the US has retained sanctions that prevent Italy from importing all necessary drugs, vaccines, medical devices and equipment that is essentially required right now.

It means that probably the U.S is trying to take advantage of the coronavirus pandemic and helping in its spread in Italy.

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Sun Shuopeng, the vice president of Red Cross (China) shares he was surprised that so many people were out, walking and roaming around normally and enjoying at local restaurants in Italy. He said; “Right now we need to stop all economic activity, and we need to stop the mobility of people,” and “all people should be staying at home in quarantine.”

In other countries hit by coronavirus pandemic, the governments are taking all measures to provide their citizens with the basic necessities. Emmanuel Macron, President of France has urged all the employees to make sure that supermarkets are running, proving all basic necessities to the people. In his statement to the media; he said.

“We need to keep the country running”.

Right now, the coronavirus infection has caused more than 10,000 deaths and other  244,000 are infected, a report by Hopkins University. The 60 million population of Italy is at high risk after 3,405 deaths were reported that exceed the record figure of 3,248 deaths in China where this outbreak started and it is almost 20 times more populous than Italy.

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Coronavirus infection is somehow mild in the majority of its patients but the elders are at high risk and the symptoms could be served in them. Italy is ranked second in the list of the oldest age population, which is why nearly 87% of its reported deaths were people above 70 years of age.

China has reported that approximately, 86,000 people are out of danger and recovered from coronavirus. But this recovery rate is much lower than viral spread rate, experts say. Normally, the recovery takes two to three weeks but for severe cases, it could take as much as six weeks.

All countries have imposed strict rules on movement across the border. Some of the places are under complete lockdown, suspending foreign travelers while trying to control the coronavirus pandemic. Despite taking thousands of lives, there is no estimate as to which this virus can spread. However, researchers are trying their best to find specific medicines and vaccines to control this viral spread.




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